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Winchester Town Day 04 Pictures

June 5, 2004

This was the third Winchester Town Day that featured a booth with Daphne selling her hand crafted jewelery (Daphne's Designs). But this will probably be the last year. Although there was a lot of interest, not enough people took out their wallets to justify the costs of running a booth at Town Day.

This was the first major event in which I used my new Nikon D70 digital camera. The Nikon D70 is a digital SLR, and the pictures were taken using two lens. The morning pictures were taken with a Nikon 18-70mm f3.5-4.5G ED-IF AF-S DX Zoom. Then, just before noon, I switch to Nikon 28-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED-IF AF Zoom for more reach. The D70 picture quality is much better than my previous cameras. Compare them to the pictures I took with my Minolta 7i at last year's town day.

Here are some pictures of the booth. This year's booth was further down Main Street, closer to the food vendors. However, town officials split the food vendors into two groups so we only saw half the hungrey crowds on Main Street.

Jun 05, 07:56am
Daphne Sets up the Booth 1
(43Kb) (2361Kb)
Jun 05, 08:07am
Daphne Sets up the Booth 2
(35Kb) (2112Kb)
Jun 05, 08:46am
Daphne Sets up the Booth 3
(50Kb) (2341Kb)
Jun 05, 08:59am
Some of Daphne's Younger Admirers
(54Kb) (2492Kb)
Jun 05, 09:00am
Daphne Shows off Her Jewelery
(57Kb) (2486Kb)
Jun 05, 09:04am
Daphnes Designs - Booth 2004
(60Kb) (2628Kb)

There was a basketball hoop across from the booth. After lunch, I stood behind the back board and tried to capture pictures of the contenstants as they threw the ball. Timing was tricky; If I waited until they threw the ball, the ball would be out of the picture. Below are the two best shots. Notice, expecially, the expression on the face of ball thrower (whose identity I do not know).

The following two shots were taken on the other side of the town center. The Winchester DPU set up their heavy equipment (without keys, I hope) in front of the town hall. The two shots I kept are priceless.

Jun 05, 01:31pm
Basketball Shooter 1
(33Kb) (2461Kb)
Jun 05, 01:31pm
Basketball Shooter 2
(32Kb) (2466Kb)
Jun 05, 10:52am
An Insider's Tour of the Town's Power Equipment
(85Kb) (2389Kb)
Jun 05, 10:53am
Vrooom, Vrooom
(95Kb) (2318Kb)

Here is a collection of random shots that I took during the day. Although I walked around some, I mostly stayed near the booth and tried to get some candids of kids and dogs as they walked by.

Jun 05, 09:01am
Greeted By Some Early Morning Attendees
(108Kb) (2638Kb)
Jun 05, 09:27am
Main Street Before the Crowds
(120Kb) (2998Kb)
Jun 05, 09:31am
Daphne Creates More Product To Sell
(30Kb) (2712Kb)
Jun 05, 09:34am
Falls at the End of Judkins Pond
(157Kb) (2927Kb)
Jun 05, 10:54am
Main Street After the Crowds
(112Kb) (2905Kb)
Jun 05, 10:55am
Geese in Judkins Pond
(131Kb) (2972Kb)
Jun 05, 11:31am
(36Kb) (1780Kb)
Jun 05, 11:38am
Setting up in Front of the Library
(109Kb) (3071Kb)
Jun 05, 11:54am
Dsc 0465
(44Kb) (2432Kb)
Jun 05, 11:59am
Dsc 0468
(42Kb) (1872Kb)
Jun 05, 12:04pm
Ballons Across the Street
(54Kb) (2326Kb)
Jun 05, 12:15pm
Cute Kid
(52Kb) (2498Kb)
Jun 05, 12:49pm
I Am Not the Only One with a Camera
(65Kb) (2469Kb)
Jun 05, 12:49pm
Mommy, Lets See the Pretty Jewelery
(44Kb) (2408Kb)
Jun 05, 01:06pm
Closeup of a Face Sucking Alien
(29Kb) (248Kb)
Jun 05, 01:07pm
(22Kb) (2282Kb)
Jun 05, 01:09pm
Learning About Makeup at a Young Age
(41Kb) (2768Kb)
Jun 05, 01:18pm
Keeping An Eye on the Crowds
(33Kb) (2752Kb)
Jun 05, 01:19pm
Mother Rubber Duckie
(31Kb) (2167Kb)
Jun 05, 01:22pm
A Face Only a Mother Could Love
(70Kb) (2105Kb)
Jun 05, 01:28pm
Two Girls, One Shirt
(68Kb) (2731Kb)
Jun 05, 01:49pm
A Tasty Sno-cone
(47Kb) (2312Kb)

Finally, here is the 2004 Rubber Duckie race. It is a charity event. You buy tickets, which correspond to a particular numbered duck. Then, soon after 2:00, the ducks race a short distance down a lane set up in Judkins Pond. First duck over the waterfall is the winner. The rest of the pack (gaggle?) cascades down the waterfall and under the road, after which they are collected in a net for next year.

The afternoon was very windy which made setting up the race very difficult. It also meant that there were a few ducks who jumped the gun and had to be escorted back to the start. Bad duckies!

Jun 05, 09:20am
Setting up for the 2004 Rubber Duckie Race
(127Kb) (3375Kb)
Jun 05, 09:22am
Setting up for the Rubber Duckie Race
(94Kb) (2863Kb)
Jun 05, 01:56pm
A Windy Day Made Race Setup Difficult
(89Kb) (2471Kb)
Jun 05, 02:18pm
And Here Come the Rubber Duckies
(92Kb) (2489Kb)
Jun 05, 02:18pm
More Rubber Duckies
(103Kb) (2808Kb)
Jun 05, 02:18pm
And More Rubber Duckies
(101Kb) (2776Kb)
Jun 05, 02:21pm
A Few Duckies Escape Before the Race Start
(106Kb) (2956Kb)
Jun 05, 02:21pm
Picking up the Early Starters
(109Kb) (3033Kb)
Jun 05, 02:21pm
Tossing in a Few More Duckies
(87Kb) (2464Kb)
Jun 05, 02:26pm
Early Starters Will Go To the End of the Pack
(94Kb) (2403Kb)
Jun 05, 02:33pm
Catching the Winning Duck
(114Kb) (2936Kb)
Jun 05, 02:33pm
And Here Comes the Main Pack
(121Kb) (3205Kb)
Jun 05, 02:33pm
Rubber Duckie Waterfall
(125Kb) (3003Kb)
Jun 05, 02:33pm
Cascade of Rubber Ducks
(144Kb) (2490Kb)
Jun 05, 02:33pm
Race Officials Keep Order on the Course
(138Kb) (3034Kb)
Jun 05, 02:35pm
Picking up the Slow Pokes
(91Kb) (2562Kb)

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