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Gould-Cohen 70th Birthday Party

Photos 70th Birthday Party Pictures

Seventy Years Ago:
FDR was president  •  Elvis was born  •  Social Security was established  •  Gloria Steinem was born  •  Gas cost 11 cents  •  Donna Gould Cohen was born  •  Nylon was invented  •  Luciano Pavarotti was born  •  Mutiny on the Bounty won Best Picture  •  Carol Burnett was born  •  Kodachrome film was invented  •  Jerry Lee Lewis was born  •  TWA 'Air Hostesses' began flying  •  Chaim Topol was born  •  Babe Ruth hit his 714th and last home run  •  Richard Chamberlain was born  •  Stamps cost 3 cents  •  King Hussein of Jordan was born  •  IBM's electric typewriter was released  •  Woody Allen was born  •  'Blue Moon' was a hit song  •  Larry Cohen was born  •  The Richter scale was developed  •  Julie Andrews was born  •  Parker Brothers released Monopoly game  •  Sonny Bono was born  •  Penguin sold its first paperback books  •  Loretta Lynn was born  •  First pair of men's 'brief' underwear sold  •  Diahann Carroll was born  •  Hoover Dam was completed

"We should have a party!" Once these words left her mouth, Karen Courtney realized she had just committed herself as host of Donna and Larry Cohen's 70th birthday party

"Great idea!" With this reply Erin Gould realized she just became an instant co-host.

Close to a year later, after roping in their husbands Matthew and Larry, they hosted a casually elegant wine and cheese party in honor of Donna Gould-Cohen and Larry Cohen turning the big "seven-oh."

Donna and Larry were happy when all their close friends from Kansas City came to enjoy their party. They were overjoyed when all their children flew in to share to fun. Their kids flew in from California, Boston, Nevada, and even a few displaced by Katrina. It was a full house at Karen and Larry Courtney's in Overland Park, KS.

Party highlights include:

  • The "Best Pinot Ever" that Larry generously shared with everyone quick enough to get a glass before the bottle was finished.
  • Erin's homemade mini crab cakes.
  • Daphne's beautiful wine glass jewelry.
  • Karen's picture centerpiece, with photos of Donna in braids and a Larry looking hunky in his life guarding days.
  • Karen's yummy homemade rugalach.
  • Seeing Donna and Larry enjoy friends and family on their special day.

Please enjoy the photos of the gala event, taken by Joel Gould.

Oh, and don't forget to wish Donna and Larry a Happy 70th Birthday. Remind them both that they do not look a day over 69!

Special Thanks to Karen and Larry Courtney, Matthew and Erin Gould, Joel and Daphne Gould, Davis and Roxanne Cohen, Adam Cohen, Sara Cohen, John Cohen, Walkie Rosensweig, Sam Courtney, and Ben Gould.

P. S. If you lost Daniel Silva's Audiobook "A Death in Vienna," please call Donna.

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