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Ab Initio 2006 Company Meeting
at Jackson Hole, WY

Ab Initio, the company that Joel works for, has started a tradition of off-site company meetings each December. In 2006, Ab Initio went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for three days of meetings and winter activities.

I have posted two galleries of pictures. The first gallery consists of mostly nature pictures and scenery from around the Jackson Hole area. The second gallery, which is probably only of interest to Ab Initio employees, consists of mostly head shots of people with some additional pictures of the meetings and dinners.

Link to Jackson Hole gallery

Jackson Hole

(74 pics) Pictures from around Jackson Hole, Wyoming -- mostly wildlife and scenery.

Link to Ab Initio at Jackson Hole gallery

Ab Initio at Jackson Hole

(53 pics) Pictures from the Ab Initio 2006 offsite company meeting -- mostly people.

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