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23 November 2000

Photos Thanksgiving 00 Pictures

Every year the family (on Donna's side) gets together for Thanksgiving. This year it was at my cousin Joanne's house. Four generations of Cooper/Riseman/Goulds came. The eldest generation was represented by by two sisters in their late 90s: Grandma Rose and Aunt Etta. The youngest were represented by my kids and all of their cousins.

This year we returned to Joanne Faille's house. (Last year we held Thanksgiving at our house.) Joanne has a much larger kitchen as well as a much, much larger television for watching football. :-).

The food was great and it was good seeing all the cousins again. Given that most of us live in the Boston area (with the exception of my family), it is surprising that we do not get together more often then once or twice a year. Anyway, I took a number of pictures for your enjoyment.

Footnote about Grandma Rose

Grandma Rose passed away in December of 2000, so this Thanksgiving was the last time most of us got to see her. We are thankful that Grandma was well enough to come to Thanksgiving and be with the family this last time. We will miss her.

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