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Christmas 01 Pictures

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Every year the MIT gang gets together for a group Christmas party, featuring a Yankee Swap for the Adults and a Secret Santa for the kids. In years past, the Christmas party has been at the Meeks house; however, since the Meeks have moved to Rhode Island, we offered to host the party instead.

Liz Brooks did most of the planning. Daphne was not going to organize another party so soon after the B'nai Mitzvah. We had a buffet meal and lots of conversation, but the highlight of the afternoon was the Yankee Swap, with Nat Brooks' new and revised rules.

This year, like in years past, I wandered around with the camera to record the event for the future. The pictures are not stellar, but it is interesting to go back and look at past year's events. In fact, Caroline was just reviewing the Christmas party pictures from 1999, reliving old memories. (We do not have pictures from the 2000 Christmas party since Daphne and I spent that Christmas taking pictures in St. Thomas.)

Dec 24, 09:32am
Beth Working on Thank-you Notes
Dec 25, 06:43am
Opening the Dogs Presents
Dec 25, 06:44am
Giving Kayla Her Presents
Dec 25, 06:44am
Cinnamon Flavored Tennis Balls, Yum
Dec 25, 06:45am
Dec 25, 06:46am
Can I Please Have Another of Those
Dec 25, 06:47am
Beth Wonders Whats in the Smallest Box
Dec 25, 06:47am
I Want To Open the Big One
Dec 25, 06:47am
This is How You Use the Leatherman Tool
Dec 25, 06:49am
Ben and Beth
Dec 25, 06:51am
Ben Shows off His New K'nex
Dec 25, 07:35am
Beth and Ben After Opening Presents
Dec 25, 01:19pm
Caroline in the Kitchen
Dec 25, 01:20pm
Canary, What Canary
Dec 25, 01:20pm
Sugar High
Dec 25, 01:21pm
Dec 25, 01:38pm
Scott Gives a Backrub To Woman Number 1
Dec 25, 01:42pm
Scott Gives a Backrub To Woman Number 2
Dec 25, 02:04pm
Dec 25, 02:04pm
Dec 25, 02:05pm
Dec 25, 02:11pm
Katrina with Dad
Dec 25, 02:17pm
Katrina with Mom
Dec 25, 02:17pm
Dec 25, 02:18pm
Dec 25, 02:20pm
The Secret Santa Gifts
Dec 25, 02:20pm
Liesl and Nancy
Dec 25, 02:40pm
And Again
Dec 25, 02:42pm
The Decorations Are Fascinating
Dec 25, 02:44pm
Katrina Admires the Iron Work
Dec 25, 02:47pm
Nat Vs. Tom, Round Two
Dec 25, 02:49pm
Liz Looking Harried
Dec 25, 02:50pm
Nancy, Mike, Noah, Scott, Caroline and Peter
Dec 25, 02:56pm
Dec 25, 02:57pm
Dec 25, 03:00pm
Paul Rensing
Dec 25, 03:16pm
The Kids Table
Dec 25, 03:17pm
Stephanie Finds a Quiet Place To Eat
Dec 25, 03:18pm
Dec 25, 03:21pm
Linda, Steve, and a Secret, Perhaps
Dec 25, 03:28pm
The Adults Eat Dinner
Dec 25, 04:05pm
Kayla Wishes She Could Eat Dinner Too
Dec 25, 04:05pm
Good Doggie
Dec 25, 04:07pm
Dec 25, 04:08pm
Time for a Fresh Bottle
Dec 25, 04:09pm
Linda and the Mint-stick
Dec 25, 04:18pm
Peas on Earth...
Dec 25, 04:33pm
A Green Dessert
Dec 25, 04:34pm
Tamar and Liz
Dec 25, 04:35pm
Jeb and Karen
Dec 25, 04:36pm
Mother and Son
Dec 25, 04:54pm
All Hail Nat, Secret Santa's Helper
Dec 25, 04:55pm
And the First Present Goes To...
Dec 25, 04:55pm
Nate Walks Away with His Present
Dec 25, 04:56pm
What's Katrina Got
Dec 25, 04:56pm
Katrina Caught Eating the Alcohol Filled Candy
Dec 25, 04:57pm
Secret Santa's Helper
Dec 25, 04:59pm
And the Last Present Goes To...
Dec 25, 05:02pm
Mother and Daughter Crafts
Dec 25, 05:09pm
Nat Explains This Years Complex Rules

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