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GouldHome Introduction CollageBen biking on the Nashua River Trail (Ben's page) Joel takes his turn rowing on the Green River raft trip (Travel Journals) Ben and Beth approach control 1, Pawtuckaway Canoe-O (Orienteering) Joel and Daphne on our 20th anniversary St. Vincent trip (Travel Journals) Beth resting during the Long Trail hike (Travel Journals) Daphne on the top of La Soufriere, St. Vincent (Travel Journals)

Although you are free to browse around, here are the most popular pages you may want to visit:

  1. The latest travel pictures from a week in the Galapagos.
  2. Recent travel pictures from two weeks in Alaska.
  3. The travel journal and pictures from our Grand Canyon raft trip.
  4. All our other travel journals (and travel photo galleries).
  5. Daphne's Designs, the web site for Daphne bead weaving jewelry business.
  6. Galleries with some of the best of Joel's photography.

What's New?

Temporary home for my pictures from Ab Initio's trip to Bilbao and Barcelona.

Some of our most recent photographs
Merced River disappear in a cloud of smoke, Yosemite Valley Darrell Scott pulls into to the finish, canoe orienteering The trail to the boiling lake of Dominica Sunrise over Boston
Yosemite pics Canoe Orienteering pics Pictures from Dominica Boston Sunrise pics
  • Oct 2007 A brief journal, map and almost 200 wonderful photographs from our week long trip to Yosemite National Park.

  • Oct 2007 Pictures and a map from our Nashua River Rail Trail cleanup bike trip.

  • Sep 2007 Results and pictures the 2007 Pawtuckaway canoe-o orienteering meet.

  • Jun 2007 Pictures from Ben's High School Graduation.

  • Dec 2006 Pictures from the Ab Initio 2006 Company Meeting at Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

  • Sep 2006 Results and pictures the 2006 Pawtuckaway canoe-o orienteering meet.

  • Sep 2006 What is wrong (and right) with the Verizon HD DVR user interface.

  • July 2006 Pictures from out 2006 Savoy camping trip.

  • April 2006 Pictures from our trip to Dominica. The travel journal will be posted by the end of May.

  • Dec 2005 Pictures from Jacob Courtney's Bar Mitzvah.

  • Dec 2005 Pictures and stories from Ab Initio's visit to the Galapagos Islands. (Ab Initio is Joel's company.)

  • Oct 2005 Pictures from the Gould-Cohen 70th Birthday Party.

  • Sep 2005 Results and pictures the 2005 Pawtuckaway canoe-o orienteering meet.

  • Jun 2005 Pictures from Beth's High School Graduation.

  • Nov 2004 Pictures from the annual Chanukah party with the Goulds, the Courtneys and the Labitts.

  • Nov 2004 Finally, after four months of work, the travel journal and pictures from our two week trip to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

  • Nov 2004 Here are the results and pictures of Ben's 2004 Prospect Hill orienteering meet.

  • Oct 2004 I re-organized my Random Pictures photography page and added a new gallery of fall foliage pictures.

  • Sep 2004 Results and pictures the 2004 Pawtuckaway canoe-o orienteering meet.

  • Jun 2004 Pictures from our bike trip down the Battle Road Trail in Minuteman National Historical Park.

  • Jun 2004 Pictures from Winchester Town Day 2004, with exciting pictures from the rubber duckie race.

  • Jun 2004 Pictures from Winchester Town Day 2003.

  • Jun 2004 Here is the travel journal and pictures from our 2003 rafting trip down the Green River (Colorado/Utah).

  • Jun 2004 Here are some pictures from our trip to Boulder, Colorado; some from the week leading up to the Green River raft trip, and some from the car ride to and from the river.


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