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Michael and Janet's Wedding
11 March 2001

Photos Michael and Janets Wedding Pictures
The Ceremony

Each wedding is unique in its own way, and what made Michael and Janet's wedding most unique was not the bagpipes, though that was different, but all the people who stood up and gave toasts. Usually it is just the best man and maybe the father of the bride. But with this wedding so many stood up to say some words about the couple. The toasts made us all cry and made us all laugh. And since I can't say it any better I'll let them speak for themselves. Below are four of the toasts that were given. If anyone else would like to add anything email me.

Peter's Toast

I’m honored to the best man at Mike & Janet’s wedding.

I found out in typically Mike Harvey style….Mike called me one day and we couldn’t really talk. He told me he had something to tell me, and that he’d call me that night…. 3 weeks later I got the call and the good news. My family will tell you how excited I was.

Growing up with your brother is one thing… you have limited perspective. What the world thinks about him is another thing. I remember visiting Mike at college in Syracuse, and it’s when I realized what OTHER people think of my brother…. Seeing him interact with people, mostly strangers

You don’t NOT LIKE Mike - he’s one of the easiest guys I’ve EVER known to get along with. Also one of the least pretentious guys in the world. I guarantee he has the same pair of pants that he wore in Syracuse. And it’s NOT because he can’t afford it.

Mike deserves the best.

And I think he’s found her. Enter Janet.

Janet’s a lot like Mike…. everybody likes her. When you meet Janet, you like her. I got an email a while ago…..Janet had passed the harshest critic in the entire world… my sister. My sister tells it like it is. No bones about it. Janet is the best thing that ever happened to Mike.

Last night, while talking to Janet, she told me that Mike is the most caring person - Janet, that’s not true… it’s YOU that brings that out.

Walking down the isle

by Andrea Pickett

If I were to whisper in your ear
The secrets of life
Would you have anything to say back?
If I were to carry you through walks on the clouds
Or take you for a ride on a winged horse
Would you in turn reach into the sky
And pluck down the heavens
To then relocate them in my minds eye
Because if I had the world to hold in my hand
I would put you on top of it
And if I would pause time on one moment
I would stay in your arms forever

Alan's Toast

Marriage is a good thing. I speak from experience. For example, if it weren't for being married I would be starting this toast with my original idea, of listing all of Janet's old boyfriends. Thanks Honey.

Is there anyone in this room who didn't go through at least one of those mini packets of tissues? Some weddings are remembered for its desserts or the music - yours will always be known for its consumption of kleenex.

The Toasts :

To my brother. Mike. It was love at first sight - for me. You're into digital toys, you like the Grateful Dead, want to take me camping. Who wouldn't love you! ….Your sense of humor is only overshadowed by your full heart and compassion - and I couldn't imagine a more perfect fit for the sister who I love.

To Emily & Allie : I'm not loosing a sister, I'm gaining two wonderful nieces, two cousins for Zach, two friends to laugh with. To see movies with. To do really poorly at Nintendo with. I look forward to sharing in the adventure of your lives and welcome you to our family, but with the warning - that there's no turning back now. Zach wants a sleepover!

Some toasts were funny

And to Janet - My sister. My friend since forever. This day has been waiting for you - this life is now here. During these last few weeks I had told you if you felt anxious or stressed to just imagine my hand in yours - a quick squeeze. Well my hand will never leave yours - but now there's someone else to hold you. To calm you. To love you. There is not one person here who doesn't share in the feeling that you deserve all the happiness now held in the hand of the incredible man who is joined by your side.

There is an old hebrew saying - which I couldn't remember for the life of me - so instead there is this old saying from my family: Mike - as part of our family now - I pass it to you, from brother to brother - from husband to wife : It is wise. It is deep and I reverantly give it now to you. (please take Janet's hand - squeeze it gently)

Repeat after me :

My biggest catch - that's what Mike Harvey said - after catching Janet - using only his heart as bait. (she'll explain it later)

Marriage is this. A calming bond. The knowledge that that hand is always there waiting for the chance to be held - to squeeze and squeeze back. Two hands invisibly held forever.

I toast you both, love you both with all my heart. L'chiem.

Debbie's Toast

I'm Janet's sister Debbie; I'm also a hopeless romantic. I believe in Fairy Tale Endings. For those of you who've read any Fairy Tales, you know that they can be pretty grim. They're full of wicked witches, lonely princesses, lost children, and manipulative little men who won't even tell you their name! Sibling rivalry is a big theme, with brothers competing for a kingdom and sisters vying for everlasting love. In most cases though, the story finds it's way to a happy ending. That is, if the characters are willing to endure long patient vigils, (Sleeping Beauty), or are clever enough to beat an evil foe at her own game, (Hansel and Gretal), or are willing to kiss a few frogs. And never underestimate the value of supportive family and special friends. Where would Cinderella be without her Fairy Godmother, or Little Red Riding Hood without The Woodcutter?

The story of Janet and Mike has all the makings of a great Fairy Tale.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess, on a quest for love. She managed to make time for this in between adventures with her friends, and the demands of a successful career. Janet's life was full, and she enriched the lives of all around her with her generosity of spirit, her good humor, and intuitive ability to know just what to say, as well as for the beauty she brought out in everything she put her hand to.

Having searched high and low throughout the countryside (and in a few singles clubs as well) she had found none who were worthy of her, when one day, while visiting the electronic version of the Village Square, Janet spied a posted proclamation " SWPM (Single White Professional Male seeks woman who is willing to look beneath the surface" "Oh!" she thought, "that could be scary, what kind of beast might he be?" But reading on " Looking for the friendship that is two bodies with one soul" "Ah!" she thought " what a noble and romantic notion, and she set out to find out more about the mystery man from Metro West.

A fortnight or so, passed, during which the two exchanged long letters via messenger, (instant messenger). Due to their skillful artistry with the written word, a mutual interest was born of this communication, and an invitation was issued to meet.

Being no fool, and wanting to avoid becoming a damsel in distress, Janet cautiously arranged for the meeting to take place at a public eatery, on an evening when the stranger, whose name she had learned, was Michael, had only a limited amount of time. He was duty bound to pick up one of his fair young daughters from Hebrew school. How bad could he be?

And so, armed only with her hopes, our brave heroine departed for the appointed place.

The Kiss

The date, as the story goes, was far from disastrous, leaving no damsel in distress. In fact, Janet has confided to this loyal handmaiden, that what she found when she did indeed look beneath the surface, was absolutely everything she'd ever told God that she hoped for in a man. And on the surface? The wonderful face, of the man who deserved, and won her heart.

And so, as is her custom, Janet once again enriched all of our lives. In the exchanging of vows sealed with a kiss, she has transformed Mike, not into the prince he already was, but into my brother (in law), and the amazing Allie and Emily into our nieces and cousins, adding them all to our Kingdom forever. And there is much rejoicing throughout the land!

Janet, Mike, Allie, and Emily, this is not the end of the story. This isn't even the beginning of the end, But it just may be The End of the beginning, of your Happily Ever After.

I love you all!

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