Nashua River Trail Cleanup
Jackson Hole
Savoy 06
Jacob's Bar Mitzvah
70th Birthday
Chanukah 2004
Battle Road 04
Winchester Town Day 04
Boulder 03
Winchester Town Day 03
Savoy 02
Winchester Town Day 02
Vineyard Biking Weekend 02
Joels Birthday 02
Daphnes Birthday 02
Christmas 01
B'nai Mitzvah
Savoy Camping 01
Vermont Hiking 01
Passover 01
Joels Birthday 01
Winchester Flood
Michael and Janets Wedding
Daphnes Birthday 01
Chanukah 00
Thanksgiving 00
Lake of the Ozarks
Joels Birthday
Daphnes Birthday
New Years Eve 99
Christmas 99
Thanksgiving 99
Root Beer Tasting
Savoy 99
End of School Year
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This section holds everything we do as a family, from vacations to parties. It's main reason for existance is to have a place to put up our photographs.

Our list of recent events

  • 10/07 Pictures and a map from the our Nashua River Rail Trail Cleanup bike trip.

  • 12/06 Pictures from the 2006 Ab Initio company Meeting at Jackson Hole, WY.

  • 06/06 Pictures from the 2006 annual savoy camping trip.

  • 12/05 Pictures from nephew Jacob Courtney's Bar Mitzvah.

  • 10/05 Pictures from the Gould-Cohen 70th birthday party.

  • 11/04 The 2004 Chunakah party with the Goulds and Labitts.

  • 6/04 Winchester Town Day 2004, with pictures of the rubber duckie race.

  • 5/04 Bike trip down Battle Road Trail in Minuteman National Historical Park.

  • 6/03 Pictures from our trip to visit the Clarks in Boulder, Colorado.

  • 6/03 Winchester Town Day 2003, another sales events for Daphne's Designs.

  • 8/02 Pictures from our annual Savoy camping trip.

  • 6/02 Winchester Town Day, the first sales events for Daphne's Designs.

  • 5/02 Pictures from ou5 biking and camping weekend on Martha's Vineyard.

  • 3/02 Joel's annual birthday/all-day gaming party.

  • 1/02 Daphne's 40th Birthday Party.

  • 12/01 The annual Christmas Party.

  • 12/01 The B'nai Mitzvah for Beth and Ben at Temple Shir Tikvah.

  • 9/01 Annual camping trip to Savoy Mountain State Park (at the bottom left)

  • 8/01 Weekend at a bed an breakfast in Vermont with hiking (at the bottom left)

  • 4/01 Passover Sader at the Coney's

  • 3/01 Joel's Birthday Party

  • 3/01 Michael and Janet's Wedding

  • 1/01 Daphne's Birthday Party.

  • 11/00 Family Chanukah party at Charlotte's on the cape.

  • 11/00 Thanksgiving day party at Joel's cousins.

  • 8/00 We visited Joel's family at the lake.

  • 7/00 We took a trip to Vermont, and spent half the time backpacking and half at a B&B.

  • 7/00 The Savoy pictures are up.

  • 6/00 It is the end of the school year and the kids had concerts and Ben had his moving up day.

  • 3/00 Happy Birthday Joel.

  • 1/00 Happy Birthday Daphne.

  • 12/99 Happy New Year.

  • 12/99 Merry Christmas.

  • 11/99 We posted pictures from Thanksgiving.

  • 8/99 We had our rootbeer tasting party.

  • 7/99 We got back from our camping trip to Savoy in the Berkshires.

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