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Battle Road 04 Pictures

Living in the Boston area, we tend to take the historical significance of the area for granted. Other than the occasional school field trip (when we were young), we almost never visit any of the area's historical attractions. As it happened, Beth had a school assignment that required her to visit local areas of cultural significance. With that excuse, the family went off to explore the Minuteman National Historical Park by bicycle.

The Minuteman National Historical Park is small national park in Lexington, Lincoln and Concord Massachusetts on the site famous road where the Revolutionary War started. The larger part of park follows a section of "Battle Road", where the British Regulars fought off a series of bloody attacks by the Colonial militia men during their long walk back to Boston after having attacked Concord. The park includes a five mile long walking and bike trail that follows Battle Road, as well as a visitor's center and a restored 18th century tavern -- Hartwell Tavern.

We had biked down the Battle Road Trail before. (In fact, some of the pictures on this page are from a trip we took down the trail in June of 2003.) However, in the past we just went for a bike ride; this time, we wanted to explore the park and take in some of the historical programs.

We started the bike ride at Fiske Hill, at the easternmost end of Minuteman National Historical Park (off Mass. Ave, just west of Route 95 in Lexington). We rode for the full length of the trail, to Meriam's Corner and back. Along the way, we stopped to spend some time in the Minuteman Visitor's Center. There is an excellent multimedia presentation at the visitor's center that explains the events surrounding the British fateful march and Paul Rever's famous ride.

Further down the trail, we spent time at the Hartwell Tavern where there were a number of people dressed in period costumes, giving demonstrations. The most interesting (and photogenic) was the demonstration of the British Musketman including a test firing of a recreated weapon (but without the musket ball).

Anyway, here are some pictures that I took from Battle Road Trail. All the pictures were taken with our Canon S400 Digital Elph camera, the pocket size point and shoot. (I did not post the originals to save server space, sorry.)

Jun 15, 2003
Captain William Smith house
Jun 15, 2003
Hartwell Tavern
Jun 15, 2003
Inside Hartwell Tavern
Jun 15, 2003
Actor in period clothing
Jun 15, 2003
The british are coming
Jun 15, 2003
Mile marker along Battle Road
May 29, 2004
Beth had to read the signs for a school project
May 29, 2004
Paul Revere capture site
May 29, 2004
Period soldier in front of Hartwell Tavern
May 29, 2004
Actor in period costume
May 29, 2004
This is the pointy thing
May 29, 2004
This is what you do with the pointy thing
May 29, 2004
You load the powder like this
May 29, 2004
And point the gun like this
May 29, 2004
Don't I look dashing in my uniform
May 29, 2004
This is how we deal with unruly tourists
May 29, 2004
Close up of period soldier
May 29, 2004
Rock band from the 1700s
May 29, 2004
This is the only medic my HMO would pay for
May 29, 2004
The viewing tubes did not help much
May 29, 2004
Battle Road trail passes this farm house
May 29, 2004
Beth studies the historical note
May 29, 2004
The trail includes walkways through wet areas
May 29, 2004
Field after field after field

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