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Winchester Town Day 02 Pictures

At the beginning of 2002, Daphne embarked on a new career. After years of part time programming, Daphne decided to go into the jewelry making business. She started a new company, Daphne's Designs, and started to build up an inventory of original, hand-made pieces. Winchester Town Day, on June 8th, was Daphne's first opportunity to sell her wares (not counting the web site, which went live a few weeks earlier).

The whole family was excited about this event. Donna, my mother, came in from Kansas to help out. Daphne had business cards printed up, and bought a canopy to keep the sun off us. And, of course, there was all the jewelry that Daphne made in the preceding few months.

Daphne also convinced me to take some photographs and sell them at town day. On three different occasions, I took pictures that I felt captured the spirit of Winchester. Then, I made prints of the best and matted them for sale. I had 8 different photographs, including three copies of the one that we though was my best for Town Day (You can see a copy of this picture of Downtown Winchester here).

It was an interesting day. We got a decent amount of traffic at the booth, but in hindsight, Daphne was probably selling the wrong type of jewelry. People come to town day expecting to buy cheap trinkets and not expensive, hand-made pieces. As for me, I sold two of my pictures (and then sold one more a week later). All three pictures that sold were the same shot of downtown Winchester.

Jun 08, 08:03am
The Crew Sets up the Canopy
Jun 08, 08:03am
Beth and Daphne
Jun 08, 08:20am
Ben and Daphne Put out the Jewelry
Jun 08, 08:38am
Daphne Makes Some Last Minute Adjustments
Jun 08, 08:56am
Daphne's Booth at Winchester Town Day
Jun 08, 08:57am
Joel's Corner of the Booth
Jun 08, 08:57am
This is the Jewelry That Went To the Jury
Jun 08, 08:57am
A View of Daphne's Layout
Jun 08, 08:58am
Daphne's Layout Left Side
Jun 08, 08:58am
Daphne's Layout Right Side
Jun 08, 10:01am
Setting up for the Rubber Duckie Race
Jun 08, 10:02am
Library Lawn Before the Concert Series
Jun 08, 10:02am
Cascading Water at End of Duck Pond
Jun 08, 10:04am
Setting up for the Rubber Duckie Race
Jun 08, 10:07am
Daphne's Booth is behind the Century 21 Signs
Jun 08, 10:12am
Looking Across Duck Pond
Jun 08, 10:12am
Setting up for the Rubber Duckie Race
Jun 08, 12:55pm
Crowds at Town Day
Jun 08, 12:57pm
Concert Series on Library Lawn
Jun 08, 12:57pm
Closer Shot of Concert in Progress
Jun 08, 01:00pm
Town Day 2002
Jun 08, 01:01pm
Looking Across Duck Pond
Jun 08, 01:03pm
The Gould Family Works Daphne's Booth
Jun 08, 01:56pm
Getting All Your Ducks Lined up in a Row
Jun 08, 01:58pm
Awaiting the Start of the Big Race
Jun 08, 02:00pm
Lincoln School
Jun 08, 02:02pm
Getting Ready for the Race Start
Jun 08, 02:05pm
One Last Check of the Participants
Jun 08, 02:06pm
The Judge Walkes over Towards the Finish Line
Jun 08, 02:06pm
False Start, Send This Duck Back
Jun 08, 02:07pm
Start of the 2002 Town Day Rubber Duckie Race
Jun 08, 02:07pm
Front Row Seats for the Big Race
Jun 08, 02:08pm
Here They Come
Jun 08, 02:08pm
These Duckies Are So Slow
Jun 08, 02:08pm
And the Winner Is...
Jun 08, 02:08pm
We Have a Winner
Jun 08, 02:08pm
The Rest of the Participants Ride the Rapids
Jun 08, 02:08pm
More Rubber Duckies
Jun 08, 02:09pm
Hordes of Rubber Duckies Disappear under the Bridge
Jun 08, 02:09pm
The Race Winds down As the Corwd Looks on
Jun 08, 02:09pm
The Last Bunch of Duckies Trickle over the Falls
Jun 08, 02:10pm
An Endless Stream of Rubber Duckies
Jun 08, 02:12pm
A Net Catches the Losing Duckies
Jun 08, 02:13pm
Here Come the Stragglers
Jun 08, 02:36pm
Afternoon Treat of Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee
Jun 08, 02:55pm
Looking Across Duck Pond Towards the Library
Jun 08, 02:56pm
Another Shot of the Library
Jun 08, 02:57pm
Duck Pond, Town Hall and the Library
Jun 08, 02:57pm
Town Hall Steeple
Jun 08, 02:58pm
More Crowds at Town Day
Jun 08, 02:58pm
Daphne's Booth is the Silver Roof on the Left
Jun 08, 03:00pm
Left Side of Daphne's Layout
Jun 08, 03:00pm
Right Side of Daphne's Layout
Jun 08, 03:00pm
Center of Daphne's Layout

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