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Beth as a senior


Hi, my name is Beth Gould. I haven't updated this in a long time, and like before, I don't know what to put here. I am keeping up some of what I had up before, but I am adding some more stuff as well. Today is June 18th, 2005, just in case I don't update this page for a while later.


I have many drawings, most of which I do just to doodle. Now that I can scan them in I have many of them on my computer. I have put up or probably will put up these and some other images I have created as well as keeping what I had before.


Well, every new year comes with new interests, or at least the possibility of new interests. I became interested in physics in the summer of 2003 and am planning on majoring in physics in college. I have been interested in time travel for a very long time, but now I am interested in all of physics. My most favorite part of physics, at least for now, is quantum mechanics.


I love my dogs. My favorite one of the two dogs we own is Kayla. Of all the dogs I know, she is my favorite. I love Kayla because she is cute and loving. Woof, Woof, Woof. My puppy is really cute. She is in the photo album. She is saying, "What is that" and, "I hope they don't cach me" because she didn't know what the digital camera was, and she is not allowed on the furnature. (original text)

I still love Kayla. I now have pictures of her as superdog as well as normal cute pictures of her.

Dungeons and Dragons and Other RPGs

I have been playing D&D for a while now with my brother and our friends. There are better RPGs, like FUDGE, probably the most realistic and most freeform game I have ever seen, but D&D is the one my we play. It probably has to do with the fact that we are most familiar with it, but also there is the fact that it has rules created for it for anything as long as you get the book.

I have programmed part of my own rpg in java. It is far from complete and doesn't even have a world created for it yet, but it is still cool. I have put up my latest version (as of the last time I put up a version of my rpg) on this site. It still has some bugs in it, but I will hopefully fix them later. It currently lets you save, load, create a character, and give a character exp. I will warn you now, the next version will not have compatible saves with this version (but it will save by name and let you have as many saves as you want). Hopefully the next version will also have an actual game, or at least a town where you can do things.

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