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Joels Birthday 02 Pictures

Mar 23, 10:17am
Out Come the Munchies
Mar 23, 10:18am
The Refrigerator is Stuffed with Treats
Mar 23, 01:02pm
You Can Still Almost Read What the Cake Says
Mar 23, 01:32pm
Daphne Playing Cartagena
Mar 23, 01:32pm
Bart and Jeff Play Streetcar
Mar 23, 01:46pm
Joie and Dean Playing Streetcar
Mar 23, 02:17pm
My Newest Game, the Magier Von Pangea
Mar 23, 02:23pm
Streetcar Game in Progress
Mar 23, 02:23pm
Lily Parmenter Caught Breaking Into the Candy
Mar 23, 03:10pm
The Kids Play Carcassonne
Mar 23, 03:10pm
Peter Kukolich
Mar 23, 03:11pm
Jeff Plays Lost Cities
Mar 23, 03:11pm
Nat and Daphne Play Carcassonne
Mar 23, 03:11pm
Carcassonne, near the Start of a Game
Mar 23, 03:34pm
Caroline Playing Starfarers of Catan
Mar 23, 03:34pm
Bernie Playing Starfarers
Mar 23, 04:06pm
Mar 23, 04:06pm
Cartagena Game in Progress
Mar 23, 04:06pm
Mar 23, 04:15pm
Starfarers of Catan in Progress
Mar 23, 04:15pm
The Meeks Playing Starfarers
Mar 23, 04:16pm
Madaline and Liz Playing Ra
Mar 23, 04:16pm
Mar 23, 05:44pm
Bernie Playing Settlers of Catan
Mar 23, 05:45pm
Craig Playing Arkam Horror
Mar 23, 05:45pm
Arkham Horror Game in Progress
Mar 23, 06:01pm
Linda Leads a Game of Hare and Tortoise
Mar 23, 06:16pm
Steve Plays Ricochet Robot
Mar 23, 06:16pm
Bart and Liz Playing Seafarers of Catan
Mar 23, 06:54pm
Mike and Nathan
Mar 23, 06:57pm
The Kids Were Entertaining Themselves Downstairs
Mar 23, 07:07pm
Arkham Horror Game in Progress
Mar 23, 07:07pm
Rich Playing Arkham Horror
Mar 23, 08:02pm
Whats Left of Dinner
Mar 23, 08:03pm
Jan and Linda Set up the Candles
Mar 23, 08:03pm
Close up of the Birthday Cake
Mar 23, 08:51pm
Nat and Liz Playing Pit
Mar 23, 09:04pm
Daphne As Lesser Peon
Mar 23, 09:05pm
Bernie and Daphne Play the Great Dalmuti
Mar 23, 09:50pm
Dan, Dean and Liz Consider a Game of Cartagena

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