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Prospect Hill Orienteering Meet

We will be hosting our annual orienteering meet at Prospect Hill Park in Waltham, MA on Saturday, September 29th.

The Date: September 29, 2001
The Time: 10am-1pm
The Courses: String, White, Yellow, Orange, Green
The Map: 1:10,000 (5 m contours)
The Cookies: Daphne's famous homemade cookies
The Directions: We are not quite sure which will be our starting point yet, check in later to find out. But be assured that we will have it well signed at the appropriate intersections. We could start at either of these two places:

  • [M/A Com] From Rt 128 exit 27A to Totten Pond Road in Waltham. Go east and take an immediate right onto Third Ave. Turn left at sign for Prospect Hill Executive Park. Start area is in M/A Com parking lot at 200 Fifth Ave.
  • [Ski area] From Rt 128 exit 27A to Totten Pond Road in Waltham. Go east 0.5 mile to ski area parking on right

If you are new to orienteering, you may want to read "What Is Orienteering", our brief introduction to the sport. Show up at Prospect Hill between 10am and 1pm. No pre-registration is necessary.

For more information send me an email.

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