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Pawtuckaway 2002 Canoe-O
by Joel

Photos Pawtuckaway 2002 Canoe-o Pictures
The 2002 Pawtuckaway Canoe-O Course

Every year, on the weekend after Labor Day, UNO (the orienteering club that covers New Hampshire and Maine) holds a family orienteering and camping weekend at Pawtuckaway State Park in Raymond, NH. Each year, Daphne and I host a canoe orienteering event co-incident with the rest of the weekend activities.

This was our six annual Pawtuckaway Canoe-o and our most popular so far. We had a total of 51 groups run the course (although some people went twice). Aims Coney said that that makes us the largest canoe orienteering event in North America.

The weather was great for the canoe-o. It was warm on Saturday and hot on Sunday so the water seemed very inviting to the orienteering crowd. The lake was also very quiet, with very few boats around to disturb the canoes. Finally, the water was high for fall (although the approach to some of the controls still called for some rock avoidance).

The course this year was a little shorter than last year, so more people were able to finish it. But there were few opportunities to run to the controls so it was a real paddling competition. When I designed the course, I expected Aims Coney to send J.J. Cote, his partner, swimming from control 12 to control 11. But they just paddled around the island instead. Afterwards, Aims said he was glad that the course was mostly paddling for a change.

This years winners, as expected, were the national champions, Aims Coney and J.J. Cote. The men's single winner was Aims who ran the course a second time, solo. The best woman's solo run was put in by Terry Myers, who is also a national champion.

JJ Cote and Aims Coney, Overall Winners
Terry Myers, Solo Female Winner

The best score from a mixed couple was Lex and Pete Bundschuh. Lex wanted me to be sure to mention that her boat was the best scoring boat with someone with a double X chromosome. I also want to congratulate Al and Andy Jenks. This father and son team got all the controls and came within ten minutes of Aims' time. I expect to see good things from these two in future years.

Pete and Lex Bundschuh, Mixed Couple Winners
All and Andy Jenks, up and coming stars

Here are the final scores. You got three points for every control and lost one point for every minute (and fraction thereof) over 60 minutes. With fourteen controls, the best possible score was 42 points. Ties were broken by comparing total time (faster is better).

You might also be interested in the pictures I took during the weekend. There are pictures of almost all of the contestants as well as some action shots (and some artsy shots mixed in as well).

Aims Coney and JJ Cote4246:18 pic
Aims Coney (redux, solo)4247:43 pic
Al and Andy Jenks (redux)4256:23 pic
Lex and Pete Bundschuh4258:37 pic
Darrell Scott4160:35 pic
Al and Andy Jenks4061:23 pic
Andrew and Ethan Childs3860:47 pic
G&P Gagarian3761:39 pic
Bill Gray3663:00 pic
Tom Duffy3266:08 pic
Terry Myers (redux)3266:45 pic
Springer and McArdle3057:39 pic
Terry Myers2963:35 pic
John Mavold and Art Giodono2963:59 pic
Scott and Caroline Meeks2865:00 pic
Magnus Family2743:47 pic
Gronski Family2752:45 pic
Mark Premo, Dick Millar2754:18 pic
Liz and Ed Kotowski2754:55 pic
Rhonda and Charlie DeWeed2755:19 pic
Woodward Family2756:52 pic
Suzanne and Tony Federer2757:30 pic
Caplan-Bricker Family2758:17 pic
Underwood Girls2561:22 pic
Saeger Family2564:26 pic
Dan and Stephen Koeler2453:06 pic
John Moore and Tianna2453:16 pic
Arsenoult2454:38 pic
Eastman Group2457:54 pic
Knepp Family2363:35 pic
Steve, Julie, Chesea and Kelley2261:55 pic
Low Tide, Turner and Hottleman2155:57 pic
Killam Family2159:56 pic
Bagdon Family2162:50 pic
Barbara, David and Isabel Bryant (redux)2060:23 pic
Andrew and Mary Jo Childs (redux)2072:29 pic
Williams Family1849:55 pic
Barbara, David and Isabel Bryant1850:33 pic
Underwood Boys1852:15 pic
Troop 21, boat 41763:34 pic
Clinton Morse, Anna and Jackson1549:40 pic
Matt Benham, Charlie Harcourt1565:22 pic
John, Beth and Jill Benham1361:50 pic
Woodward Family (redux)1166:09 pic
Jon Sampson and Tom Baldwin965:50 pic
Federer (redux)640:45 pic
Peter Lavoie374:06  
Steven K and Bryants040:54 pic
White Family080:20 pic
Troop 21, boat 2-368:50 pic
Janet Lavoie-2296:02  

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