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Pawtuckaway 2005 Canoe-O
by Joel

Photos Pawtuckaway 2005 Canoe-o Pictures
The team of Dunlavey and Burdick on the water
The littlest member of the Matthew Austin group, ready for the big race

Welcome to the official results page for the 2005 edition of the Pawtuckaway, NH Canoe Orienteering meet.

Every year, Daphne and I organize a canoe/kayak orienteering meet in conjunction with the annual UNO (the orienteering club that covers New Hampshire and Maine) orienteering and camping weekend at Pawtuckaway State Park in Raymond, NH. This was our seventh annual Pawtuckaway canoe-O.

The weekend featured perfect weather, and plenty of orienteers showed up for the various events (of which the Canoe-O was only one). This year we had a total of 33 groups compete over the day and a half that the course was available. Attendence was light this year because of competing events. Specifically, the Finals for the 2005 Sprint Series, which was held on Saturday afternoon, and which left the Canoe-O course empty.

The canoe-O is organized in score-O format. There are 14 controls placed around Pawtuckaway Lake, all accessible from the water (except for one land control). Paddlers have 60 minutes to find as many controls as possible and then return to the start.

This year, featured a significant competition for first place. The team of Aims Coney and J. J. Cote, the previous Pawtuckaway Canoe-O champions of the past three years and previous national champions as well, faced off against the 2005 national Canoe-O champions (C2-Men), Steve and Seth Miller. The Millers went first, mid-morning on Sunday, and turned in an impressive performance. They were able to punch all 14 controls and return in just over 50 minutes. But Aims and J.J. had the advantage of knowing the Miller's time, and last year's Pawtuckaway winners were able to coast to victory for their fourth year, punching all 14 controls in 44 minutes and 30 seconds.

Andy Hall put in the best single performace; he punched all 14 controls and returned in only 51 minutes and 38 seconds. In all, only 5 of the teams were able to punch all 14 controls. But everyone has a good time.

2005 Course Aims and JJ's Route Miller's Route Andy Hall's Route Eric Bone's Route

Continuing in last year's tradition, I have posted a copy of the course along with maps showing the routes taken by four of the teams. As you can see, most of the routes are very similar. (The exact paths between controls is only approximate, since I only recorded an overview of the route choices of each team.) The Miller's and Andy Hall both took a pretty typical route, visting all the controls in a counter-clockwise circle. Both teams also choose to portage their boats across the penisula near the finish, instead of paddling around.

Aims Coney and J. J. Cote split up at the start

In canoe-o, the best route choice is often across land, as explained in this essay by Aims Coney (which first appeared in the Spring 1999 issue of Canoe News). As an example, I included the route choices made by Eric Bone, one of the solo competitors. Eric choose to skip controls 12 and 7. Since he decided not to paddle all the way to control 12, he realized that the fastest way to reach controls 10 and 11 was to land his boat and run across Horse Island on land.

Aims and J.J. made some interesting route choices of their own. At the start, they split up with Aims carrying the canoe across the penisula to control 7, while J.J. ran to punch control 1. (As shown on the map, J.J. actually started off running in the wrong direction and had to double back.) At Horse Island, notice how Aims dropped J.J. off to punch control number 11, while he paddled the boat in a more direct path across the bay. Most of the other teams had to paddle extra distance to reach control number 11 by water.

After the course, J. J. Cote made the following comments about his winning run.


My impression afterwards was that it was as close to perfect as we've ever done, and it was perhaps our finest race ever. After things sink in, of course, you realize the tiny imperfections. I initially thought that my 90 degree error at the start didn't actually matter, since I still got to #7 ahead of Aims, but if I had gone the right way, I might have been able to meet him en route and help with the portage. I think the splitting up for #11 was a fine move. Looking at the splits, it's hard to be sure whether the portage to the finish was a good move or not, but it certainly wasn't bad.

This was our only Canoe-O this year, and I'm very pleased that we were able to really show our stuff. And it was the key puzzle piece to complete an excellent weekend.


And here is Aims Coney's analysis of the 55 seconds they saved portaging from control number 6 to the finish.


Distance from #13 to #8 is about .98K which we did in 6:13 making our water speed about 9.5 K/hour. We were inspired!- our normal pace is about 8.8K to 8.9k/hour.

Paddling distance from #6 to the launch is about .60 K and would take 4:08.

From #6 to the big rock where we started to portage is about .12K or 46 seconds of paddling.

We had a little trouble getting away from control #6, J-J got caught on the wrong side of the boat getting back in, mostly my fault for not communicating the outgoing path. That accounts for 20 seconds. And, when we took out to portage, I fell backwards and had to struggle a bit to get upright enough to pick up the boat- that explains the longer transition time on the portage.

Time to Paddle Around        Time to Portage Over
leaving control  00:20   leaving control  00:20
paddle time  04:08   paddle time  00:46
transition time  00:12   transition time  00:27
carry time  00:00   carry time  01:52
run in  00:20   run in  00:20
total  04:40   total  03:45


Don't forget to check out all the pictures that I took at the camping weekend, including shots of the canoe racers as well as foot-O racers. Note: more pictures have been added since this page was originally posted in mid-September.

Here are the final results for the 2005 Canoe-O

Groups were ranked based on points scored. Three points per control punched less one point for each minute (or fraction) overtime. In the case of a tie, the group with the shorter time was ranked higher.

Aims Coney and J. J. Cote4244:17 pic
Steve Miller and Seth Miller4250:28 pic
Andy Hall4251:22 pic
Darrell and Michelle Scott4061:19 pic
Andrew and Carl Childs3962:28 pic
Bill Gray3655:32 pic
Charlie DeWeese3657:06 pic
Liz and Ed Kotowski3358:02 pic
Dick, Mark, Terri3358:31 pic
Eric Bone3362:27 pic
Terry Myers3161:16 pic
Calvin and Carl Underwood2963:08 pic
Ceire, Jillian and Theo2759:00 pic
Roger and Trisha Underwood2660:12 pic
Scott and Phil Turner2660:19 pic
Barb Bryant and Group2666:13 pic
Lynne Pentler and Neil Faiman2456:19 pic
Glenn Wouters2457:13 pic
James G Healy2458:32 pic
Don Cambell2459:34 pic
Ekaterina Drekhova and Boris Granorsky2366:06 pic
Tom and Seth2264:24  
Dunlavey and Williams2153:23 pic
Scott and Caroline Meeks2063:09 pic
Dunlavey and Burdick2069:23 pic
Ethan and Mary Jo Childs1769:32 pic
Philip Turner1553:12 pic
Greta and Sarah1558:16 pic
Ruth Kabel and Group1364:19 pic
Matthew Austin and Group962:10 pic
Nicholas Commons-Miller470:23 pic
Becky, Katie and Theo260:15 pic

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