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Nickerson Camping Weekend 1999, Cape Cod
May 7 - May 9
by the Whole Family!

Photos Nickerson 99 Pictures

Girl Scouts
Girl Scouts finishing.

Friday Night, by Ben

We got to camping site #72. We set up the tents as quickly as we could. We went out to dinner at Hearth 'N Kettle. I ate a whole gigantic plate of fried clams. When we finished dinner, it was about 8:00. It started drizzling about when we got back to the campsite, but it cleared up quickly. We brushed our teeth and went to bed.

Saturday, by Joel

By morning the drizzle had ended. We got out of bed and had a quick breakfast since we were on the hook for verifying two of the courses before official starts began. Joanne came by at 7:15. We told her we wanted to get started before 8:00am. She said she just had to place some water and she would be back in time. Ha! Ha! We finally got on our courses at 8:35. I checked the green course and except for some minor stupidity at the first control I had no problems. All of the controls were properly placed, but I forgot to check the numbers at the last control and it was wrong. Ha! Ha! Joanne had arranged for the local Girl Scout groups to work start, finish, and registration. They also had a chance to go out on a course. When I got back from my course I helped the girls scouts, who surprisingly enough were not that interested in sitting at the tables and doing paper work. Ha! Ha! It turned out to be very fortunate that we went out in the morning, because by midday it had gotten hot! The whole family hung around the pavilion shooting pictures of various exhausted, sweaty, smelly finishers. Ha! Ha!

Saturday Night, by Beth

We went out to dinner with the Kuckolich's at the Hearth N' Kettle again. When we got home it was raining pretty hard. I went down to play with Emily and wanted to go on the night-O with her, but she already had a group arranged. When it was time to go to the pavilion for the night-O I convinced Dad to go, but when I got to the pavilion I decided to join Stephanie. Dad said he would come with us anyway. We started the short night-O but when we got to the second control it was raining very hard and there was thunder and lightning. Since we got so soaked we decided to go back to the pavilion to return the scorecard. The pavilion had a big, huge puddle that was growing rapidly by the entrance. We returned the soaked scorecard. Then we turned around and ran back to our campsite two sites away. Ben was planning on sleeping in the car, but Dad and I ran to our tents. When I got in my tent I took off my sopping wet rain suit and sopping wet boots and socks. Good Night!

Sunday, by Daphne

Mother's Day! Mother's day always begins with my adoring children showering me with gifts. Then came breakfast. My son insisted that I not lift a finger to help him with HIS breakfast, even when he was about to spill it all over the stove. After breakfast everyone else split and left the breakfast clean up to me. A typical start to Mother's Day. We started orienteering early, just after 9:00am. It was foggy and damp. Much of the course was spent trying to avoid being tripped by the thick wet underbrush. Joel complained that I didn't get much orienteering practice since I never took out my compass. We did fairly well coming in in just over an hour. As soon as we stepped over the finish line, Beth began begging us to go on the bike-O. We insisted on a short break but it wasn't long before we were off. The temperature had shot up from the previous course and the sun started shinning. It was quite pleasant biking down the dips and around the corners of the pike paths of Nickerson. Never having bike-O'ed before, it was a challenge to balance speed versus reading the map safely. After about an hour, three of us voted that we were tired. So we all headed back to the pavilion. Despite coming back half an hour early we still made second place.

As usual Joanne pulled off a wonderful weekend despite the rained out night-O. We can't wait for our next weekend-O. For more information on The New England Orienteering Club who put on the meet go to NEOC's web site.

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