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Prospect Hill Orienteering Meet
October 16, 1999
Summary and Results

Photos Prospect Hill Results Pictures

The weather was perfect for this, our fourth Prospect Hill Orienteering meet. We hit the peak of the foliage season in Boston, much as it was this year after a summer of drought. And the colors combined with a sunny 70 degree to offer our participants some great vistas of the Greater Boston area.

This year we returned to our original starting location, at the bottom of the ski hill. This alleviated the need for shuttling people deep into the park but it meant that everyone had to contend with the hill. For yellow and orange runners, that meant an 85 meter uphill climb right from the start. White runners, whose course went in the reverse direction, had to descend those same 85 meters at the end of their course.

However, even with the hill everyone we talked to had a great time.

Approximately 175 people turned up. Less than we expected but that may be attributed to the UNO trail maintenance event which took place on the same day. None of the standard UNO participants came to help bump up our participation numbers :-(. As always we had a lot of beginners, but the big surprise this year was the popularity of the green course which attracted almost 1/3 of the groups.

The day started off busy since Pete Lane was using our meet to train a group of scout leaders in preparation of the Scout-O scheduled for October 30th. Most of the scout leaders showed up right at 10:00 for training. (However, at least one scout leader showed up late and without realizing it just went out on the yellow course by herself.)

Jeff Saeger was at the meet and he brought his own camera crew. A crew from NESN (New England Sports Network cable channel) came to the meet to interview Jeff and Samantha Saeger. They also spent some time filming the participants, following at least one group around on part of the white course.

As always, Daphne made hundreds of homemade cookies for the finishers. But with the lower than expected turnout, not all the cookies were finished. Good news for the Gould family for the next few weeks.

With the great weather, many people stayed long after they had finished their courses and ate lunch on the grassy field or just sat around and talked. The younger kids spent much of the morning on the merry-go-round which was next to the field. The older kids sat in the shade and talked about Pokeman cards.

We want to thank our meet workers: Dean Sturtevant, Scott Meeks, Liz Brooks, Dennis Struble, Linda Kukolich, Debbie Terman and 2 members of her girl scout troop, Mike Lints and Ben and Beth Gould.

One other comment of interest: Roger Underwood was at the meet with his family, celebrating 25 years of orienteering (by hanging around the finish area).

White Course

Liz Smith & Susie Klein  24:36
Heidi, Simone & Milo NEOC  29:22
Ben & Meg Parson NEOC-MQ  37:56
Samantha Allen & Dad  40:33
Eileen Underwood NEOC  43:29
Gold Group  50:43
Diane Fjeldheim  51:01
Calvin Underwood NEOC  51:51
Amos, Jamie & Caroline  54:57
Oracle 1 Group  59:55
Carl Underwood NEOC  60:25
Jeff Colton Group  67:33
Paul Okun  76:00
Hawke Group  76:58

Yellow Course

Richard Beucler  38:31
Kevin Turner NEOC  40:13
Philip Turner NEOC  42:13
Cornell Club A Group  51:08
Ken Krutt Group  52:55
Liz Brooks  57:12
David Mayall  59:15
Evan & Arlene Deardorff  60:00
Marius & Co.  60:16
Patricia Hawkins  61:15
Sherry Litasi & Teresa Gaston  69:36
Judith Bayliss  71:05
John Ayan  81:16
Colwell  81:40
Rich & Stacie DeSalvo  82:36
Jacki Mayall  84:14
Troup 3017 Group  87:12
7 Scout Leaders  93:04
Marty Carlock NEOC  99:17
Anna & Fran Fadden  100:42
Brian Smith  116:14
Vikin & Mitchell  116:20
Patton, Kelley & Outten  117:30
Russ Slam  143:13
Phak Group  HFA
Flint Group  HFA

Orange Course

Neil Gore NEOC  57:32
B Goldstein NEOC  63:34
Stephen Kukolich  72:05
Sharks Group  75:22
Skip Knuttgen NEOC  77:58
Smaanthia & Sarah Snyder  78:15
Mike Kelly MNOC  78:23
Ray K. Collings  85:45
Waldrons Group  89:21
Bix & Ethan NEOC  89:39
Tim & Penny Snyder  90:16
Heigi McGewan  100:31
Rolger Osgood & Carla Hughett  101:12
Mac Goldman & Carla Vey  104:04
Dana & Siana DeLuca NEOC  104:45
Joe & Shell  107:14
Patrice Miller NEOC,UNO  108:38
Michael L. Commons  121:17
Mitz White  121:29
David Ramos  130:02
Diane Menzies NEOC  161:31
Mike R. Smith NEOC  178:40
Sherry Smith NEOC  192:34
William H. Stewart NEOC  DNF
Gia Pallone  DNF

Green Course

Ken Walker Jr. CSU  36:39
Jeff Saeger NEOC  47:20
Mike Lints  48:39
Sandra Zurcher RMOC  51:08
Samantha Saeger NEOC  52:55
John Hansman NEOC  54:54
Klaus Marrek (Germany)  55:04
Stephen Richardson NEOC  57:24
Bob Dangel NEOC  58:00
Scott Turner NEOC  58:21
Karen Williams CSU  59:30
Beal Spalinger  59:48
Bob Huebner COO  63:42
Karolina Khurshid NEOC  67:50
Dennis Struble NEOC  69:47
Janice Huebner COO  75:17
Marianne Arnesen NEOC  75:30
Donn Springer NEOC  79:40
Ann Jochnick  81:02
Bill Bryant NEOC  83:33
Liz Kotowski NEOC  97:12
W. Scott Meeks NEOC  106:27
Misty Mountain Hoppers NEOC  120:30
Judith Karpinski NEOC  133:05
Hillary Saeger NEOC  133:23
Leslie Turek NEOC  138:27
Ed Tulloch & Joan Kowaleski NEOC  141:20
Tony Mariscalco NEOC-WM  142:24
John O'Connor  147:30
Fall From Grace Group  192:13
Dean Sturtevant NEOC  DSQ

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