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Karen and Joes Wedding Pictures

Oct 09, 01:50pm
Oct 09, 01:50pm
Karen Getting Ready
Oct 09, 01:51pm
The Moms
Oct 09, 01:55pm
Joe Fixing Karens Hair
Oct 09, 01:56pm
Heidi Fixing Karens Hair
Oct 09, 01:59pm
Karen Ready at Last
Oct 09, 03:34pm
Oct 09, 03:37pm
The Photographer and the Couple
Oct 09, 03:39pm
Joe and Karen
Oct 09, 03:40pm
Karens Dad and Doug
Oct 09, 03:53pm
The Brides Family
Oct 09, 03:56pm
The Couple and Their Parents
Oct 09, 03:58pm
Karen and Her Parents
Oct 09, 04:04pm
Joes Family
Oct 09, 04:09pm
The Couple and Their Enterage
Oct 09, 04:11pm
The Pamper Squad
Oct 09, 04:13pm
Joe and His Squad
Oct 09, 04:14pm
The Girls Gabbing
Oct 09, 04:17pm
Karen and Barbara
Oct 09, 04:18pm
Karen and Barbara
Oct 09, 04:18pm
Karen and Sharon
Oct 09, 04:21pm
Joe and His Mom
Oct 09, 04:22pm
Joe and His Family
Oct 09, 05:43pm
Walking down the Aisle
Oct 09, 06:03pm
The Ceremony
Oct 09, 06:16pm
The Ceremony
Oct 09, 07:01pm
In Front of the Strip Mall
Oct 09, 07:02pm
Barbara and Heidi in the Sun
Oct 09, 07:04pm
Daphne and Barbara
Oct 09, 08:29pm
The Cakes
Oct 09, 08:30pm
Guys and Dolls
Oct 09, 08:30pm
Phantom of the Opera
Oct 09, 08:30pm
Sunset Blvd
Oct 09, 08:32pm
Jeckle and Hyde
Oct 09, 08:39pm
The Happy Couple
Oct 09, 08:40pm
The Couple and the Cakes
Oct 09, 11:16pm
The Matron and Her Groom

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