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Resume for Daphne Gould, Winchester, Massachusetts


  • Visual C++, Visual Basic, Java, Python
  • Windows 98 / Windows NT application development
  • COM and OLE
  • Database Systems
  • UI Design


Origins Software
July 1999 - Present
Responsible for code generators that create database backed websites for WML and HTML. The ASP and JSP code that is generated supports multiple devices: phones, Palm Pilot, PDAs, and standard HTML browsers.


Harvard University
Certificate of Applied Sciences (one year graduate certificate) in Software Engineering 1999 GPA 4.0/4.0

Courses include:

  • Programming Microsoft Windowstm Using the MFC (menus, accelerators, toolbars, status bars, windowing, dialog boxes, dlls, printing, threading)
  • Advanced Programming Microsoft Windowstm (COM, OLE, threading COM objects, custom interfaces, ATL, DCOM, type libraries)
  • Practical User Interface Design
  • Introduction to Database Systems (database design, Oracle, SQL, Power Builder, Tango)
  • Introduction to Website Development (HTML, SSI, HTTP, CGI, images, security issues, site maintenance, Apache Server)

Spring 1999, Teaching Assistant for David Platt's course Programming COM+, COM, ActiveX and OLE

Massachusetts College of Art, 1984-1986

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B.S., Chemistry 1984 GPA 4.7/5.0, honors: Phi Beta Kappa


COM/Windows based client/server card game. Server that supports basic card games based on one deck, stock and discard pile. Two card games, Crazy Eights and Gin that both use the server. Includes creating an object from the server via class factory, object supporting multiple interfaces including a custom interface marshaled by a proxy/stub dll, reading the type libraries at run time, marshaling an object across a thread.

UI for children's educational Internet based prototype. In a team, explored user profiles, metaphors, natural mappings, affordances and feedback, design and layout for the project. Wrote a partial prototype in Visual Basic for usability testing.

Windows application hex editor. Created a hex editor from scratch using the MFC CScrollView. Features include configurable toolbar, search in a combobox on the toolbar and in a dialog box, status bar owner drawn with updates, tooltips, language options (dll based), font options, a second document template to view all open windows, printing in a separate thread.

Graphically oriented, Windows based game. Adapted a self-created board game to the computer. Includes path selection, creation and management of an interrelated set of classes.

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