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Random Pictures

Here is a collection of random pictures that I have taken, that don't belong anywhere else, but I think are worth saving. The photographs are broken up into multiple galleries based on subject matter.

Link to Fall Foliage gallery

Fall Folliage

Pictures from the 2004 fall foliage season from around Winchester and Lexington.

One fine Sunday morning I grabbed my camera and looked for some decent pictures of this year's fall foliage. The sky was blue and the leaves were green, red and yellow, so I visited a few different areas within short driving distance of my house.

Link to Winter Scenes gallery

Winter Scenes

On January 3rd, 2003, Winchester was hit with a snow storm that dumped just under a foot of heavy new snow across the are. Soon after the snowfall ended, I hiked over to Whipple Hill to capture pictures of the snow clinging to the branches of every tree.

The pictures from January 4th, captured the look of the area before any other hikers had a chance to break the pristine snow cover. Then I went back on January 5th, to capture more images. On the second trip, I had a beautiful dark blue sky as a background.

Link to Flowers gallery


Here is my collection of flower pictures. This collection includes pictures from as far back as 2002. Most of the flowers are from around Winchester, but there are a bunch of pictures from our trip to Colorado in the summer of 2003.

Link to Around Winchester gallery

Around Winchester

For Winchester Town Day, 2002, I decided to take some photographs that capture the spirit of the town. These pictures are all from the downtown area of Winchester, MA (USA).

Link to Wickford Harbor at Dawn gallery

Wickford Harbor at Dawn

In February, 2002, we spent a weekend at the Meeks house in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. Early on Sunday morning, I went outside to photograph the harbor as the sun rose over the horizon. I took pictures until my fingers froze off and my batteries died. Here are the best.

Link to Out the Airplan Window gallery

Out the Airplane Window

These are photographs taken through the windows (portholes?) during various airplane trips I have taken. Needless to say, the quality is usually less than ideal (especially since the windows are usually dirty). The real challenge is not taking the picture, but figuring out later what I took a picture of.

Link to Sunrise in Boston gallery

Sunrise in Boston

This series of pictures represents my attempt to capture the perfect picture of the sun rising behind the city of Boston. I have been using two overlooks, Prospect Hill Park in Waltham and Robbins Farm in Arlington to get a view of the city. In the fall and winter, the rusing sun can be seen behind the city from these vantage points (depending on the date).

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