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Joel's Going Away Lunch
January 12, 2001

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Group Photo

It is often said that the world can be divided into two types of people. In the case of Dragon, the employees can be divided into two groups -- the "ins" and the "outs". The ins are those people still working for Lernout & Hauspie, the outs are those who have escaped. This was my coming out party.

Having a lunch for employees on the last day is a long held tradition at Dragon Systems. But in recent months it has gotten to the point that there might be two or three going away lunches a week. My last day was shared by at least three others, so we decided to hold a combined going away bash.

Traditional going away lunches, held at some the local restaurant, help no interest for me. Everyone would sit at one long table and if you were lucky, you would get a chance to talk to the more than just the two or three people seated around you. I wanted to do something different. What we decided to do was to order takeout barbecue from Blue Ribbon Barbecue in Newton, and all meet together at Jonathan Young's house. Jonathan's house was an ideal choice, since it was just down the street from Dragon Systems and had a big enough living area to hold lots of guests.

Officially, this was the going away lunch for myself, Chuck Ingold, Jonathon Young, and Venki. But really, this was a chance for old Dragons and still Dragons to get together and talk. I never did get an accurate count, but I expect that there were around 50 people who showed up to share barbecue and old stories. See who you can recognize from the outside group photo.

I want to thank everyone who came, and ask that people keep in touch. Special thanks to Dan Stevens and Jonathan Young who organized this event.

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