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Roleplaying Games

Paper and Pencil Games with Online Logs

I am currently part of The Return, a 5e DnD game by Daniel Gottesman. This has migrated to the Roll 20 system as players have moved away. Previously, I was part of other games at PI including Earthrise, GMed by Daniel Gottesman using the Heroes system.

My Own Settings

I have two worlds which I am in some stage of developing. They will probably never be used as I am a horrible GM.

The "Council of Seven" system is a science fiction / fantasy campaign setting designed to accept a superhero world "Fantasy Kitchen Sink" while still having all of the magic (and technological) systems integrated. To actually import characters from other settings does actually take thought. If I remember correctly, my brother thought the result was too complex (or something like that). In addition, when I had originally developed it, I had started with having a pantheon of Ancient gods, but no longer like my original god/orb system. The rest of it should be able to work.

In theory, the system works with any RPG system, with some work put into a DnD / Pathfinder variant, a Fudge variant, and the conceptions of a Shadowrun / World of Darkness - like variant. I have never been able to get the balance to work as I had desired, though.

I also have a multiverse campaign which is based off of a time travel campaign I originally intended to only play by myself. The setup of this is such that the PCs have a small spaceship (with landing pods and no weapons). The spaceship takes them randomly between worlds. A subset of the characters take a landing pod and land on the world. These are the active PCs for the given adventure. The GM and absent players remain on the ship. This allows both GM-switching and players to be absent. I currently use a Council of Seven lite, subjective Fudge based system. I switched from using D20 Modern to Fudge when I started to write up the details for a campaign.

Character Creator

In 2005, I created a character creation program for an RPG I was contemplating designing. It originally came from a project for computer camp, but I developed it beyond what I had done there. You can download it here. I have no plan to do anything more with it than I have, but I will still leave this here if people want to see.

The program lets you save, load, create a character, and give a character exp. There are still some bugs in the program. For instance, when creating the second player, it will put the second player in the first player's button and label. It also probably doesn't work well with the most recent versions of Java.

If you want to use your own images, add a 150 x 300 pxl image to the image folder within whatever folder you put the RPG in. The image can be in gif or jpg format, using the three letter lowercase form of the extention only. The images can actually be any size, but it will screw up the appearance of the game if it is not at least close to the image size I have chosen for images to be.

If you don't like the black background, just close out of it. Only closing the main window will quit the game, the background is just there to separate the game from other programs in the backround.

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