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This will be an outline of what I am doing. It will be behind the present time for various reasons. In addition, I have this started near the end of 2017 and have limited notes from earlier. I figure this can give people I know a way to follow what I am doing without requiring me to use Facebook.

Nov 2017 - I am in Southampton, UK. I have a postdoc in physics at the University of Southampton for 6 months.

Oct 2017 - I spent a month in St. Petersburg, Russia. The link is here. I believe the account is done. This was the first vacation I took on my own.

Sept 2017 - I finished my PhD at Perimeter Institute and the University of Waterloo. I have no log of my own for my defence, but others have images. The thesis is here. If people have images or links, tell me and I can link to them.

May - June 2017 - Conference season. I went to Theory Canada 12 in Toronto and PASCOS 2017 in Madrid, Spain. At PI, I participated in "Bounce Scenarios in Cosmology," and am in this video. By the end of June, I needed to work on my thesis, so did not attend any more conferences.

Jan - Mar 2017 - Holographic Cosmology paper came out. My supervisor has a list of links to the coverage in the popular press he did. And PI did one which is not listed.

Aug - Oct 2016 - I produced a talk and a poster about holographic cosmology for conferences - COSMO 16 in Ann Arbor, Michigan and the 2016 Midwest Relativity Meeting at PI.

June 2016 - My family spent a week in Virginia Beach for my grandmother's 80th birthday. There are photos (my dad took) here.

Sept 2011 - I started my PhD at the University of Waterloo and Perimeter Institute under Niayesh Afshordi.

Aug 2010 - Jun 2011 - I was part of Perimeter Scholars International or PSI, a 1 year masters program at Perimeter Institute. This was one of the best experiences in my life. It was also when I moved out of the US.

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