July 5

Cinnamon Bay

It was scrambled eggs and bacon this morning for breakfast. And fruit for me. Joel does not usually get bacon at home but he loves it.

I was particularly lazy this morning. I lied around and read. Joel wanted me to make a decision about what we were doing today, but I didn't want to make any decisions. Though the first thing we had to do was obvious. We had to check in with immigration since we were back in US waters. We did this in Cruz Bay. Joel and I went through quite quickly since we were US citizens, but our hosts took much longer. They told us to go shopping while we were waiting.

Another boat in Christmas Cove
We headed over to Mongoose Junction. It is a pretty little mall, full of galleries. The walkways twist up stairs and around corners and it is all done is stained wood. Quite pretty. The craft gallery - whose name I've forgotten - had beautiful knick knacks. Beautifully colored ceramic frogs and lamps that twisted on themselves. But nothing really went with my house. So I spent no money here.

We met Ursula and Theo wandering around and headed back to the boat. I had one stop before we got on the dingy though. Fruit smoothies. Last time we were here Joel wouldn't let me stop to get one. He was worried about our schedule and wasn't sure if we had time. We had had the time but he likes to worry like that and it is much easier to just go along. But this time we had no time pressure at all so we walked over and ordered a mixed fruit smoothie. Yummy. I make smoothies all the time at home, it is a regular food to me, but the smoothies here are much different. I use strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, peaches, and orange juice - things that grow around the Boston area (Ok not the OJ). Here they use papayas bananas mangos and such.

Back at the boat we had lunch. Needless to say I wasn't very hungry after a large smoothie. But I ate the potato salad and it was good.

I decided I really like reading in our room provided all the hatches are open (otherwise it gets hot). So I read for a while until the sea gods decided it was time to go.

There wasn't too much wind but we sailed over to little St. James and anchored in Christmas Cove.

Our last sunset
It was time to say goodbye to the fish - our last snorkel. Ursula gave us some fish food. We dutifully fed it to the fish - or tried to at least. It floats up to the surface and as soon as the seagulls see it, they dive down and grab it. It was kind of fun watching the display. We would dive down and put a bit of food on the sand then sit back and watch. The snappers, tangs, wrasses, and squirrel fish would swim over it until it got a few feet from the surface, then they would go back down. A second later as the pieces got closer to the surface the gulls would dive down and grab them. You don't see much of them from underwater but sometimes one would be impatient and would submerge himself half way.

One of the best fish was a flounder perched on a rock. Most flounders I've seem run away as soon as you get close, but this one let me put your face right up to it and I could see his eyestalks swivel about a foot from the front of my mask.

Then it was back out of the water. We had to rinse all the salt water off our gear and get it dry before tomorrow. We organized and packed up.

We gabbed a little more and I had a couple of rum punches then we had dinner; salmon and curry shrimp. Dessert was chocolate cake with pudding.

Joel was zonked by about 8pm but I read some more before going to sleep.

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