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I bought a new camera on the second day of this trip. All the pictures taken before June 29th at 10:00 were taken using my Canon Powershot G1 camera (bought 18 months ago in this same city). Starting with the picture titled "Picture Number 1 with New Minolta Dimage 7i Camera", the majority of pictures were taken with my new Minolta DiMAGE 71 camera. The Minolta has a higher resolution (5 megapixels vs 3.3 megapixels with the G1) so the large format pictures are larger. Whether the image quality is any better, I leave it up to you to judge (although I am still learning how to use the Minolta).

With the Minolta, I shot the largest sized images, using the least possible JPG compression. But all the pictures were taken as JPGs, not the space sucking RAW or TIFF formats. After the first day or two, I shifted the camera into "Vivid Color" mode. Otherwise, there is nothing special about the camera modes used. The large sized images are the JPG files directly from the camera with no post processing except for the vertical format pictures which were rotated using the DiMAGE Viewer program.

I also took some underwater pictures that are mixed in the set (but they should be obvious). Most of the underwater pictures were taken with Kodak Max Sport disposable cameras (ASA 800), although a few were taken with another brand that we bought on the island. The underwater pictures were developed and then digitized onto a Kodak Photo CD by the photo finisher. The screen sized underwater pictures have all been enhanced using Adobe ImageReady.

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Link to June 28-30 gallery

Sailing - June 28-30

Pictures from our one night in the 1829 hotel, in Charlotte Amalie, from Mayo Bay (St. John), Green Cay (Jost van Dyke), and waterlemon Cay (St. John).

Link to July 1 gallery

Sailing - July 1

Pictures from Waterlemon Bay and our hike on the Johnny Horn Trail to Coral Bay (St. John), our stop at Soper's Hole (Tortola), and our sail to Normal island.

Link to July 2 gallery

Sailing - July 2

Underwater pictures from the Indians and the Caves (Norman Island) and Great Harbor (Peter Island).

Link to July 3 gallery

Sailing - July 3

Pictures from our hike to Deadman's Bay (Peter Island), The Baths (Virgin Gorda) and St. Thomas Bay (Virgin Gorda).

Link to July 4 gallery

Sailing - July 4

Pictures from our kayak trip down the Virgin Gorda coast, and Cinnamon Bay (St. John).

Link to July 5-6 gallery

Sailing - july 5-6

Pictures from the sail to Cruz Bay and Christmas Bay (Great St. James Island).


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