July 4

Big Trunk Bay Beach, Virgin Gorda
After the usual rituals we had French toast for breakfast. There was none left for the birds (they get our leftovers).

This morning looked like it would rain forever even if the forecast didn't call for it so we decided to go kayaking instead of snorkeling.

We motored over to Spanish Town. Theo and Ursula were throwing out the trash and getting more ice. We took off around the point to the Baths. Kayaking around the Baths is fun and you get a different perspective of the rocks. The first set of rocks we got to had a ton of little crabs that lived at the waterline. When we got close they would scuttle up the rocks to get away from us. Joel spent a lot of time on the way back taking their photos.

Sailboard race
Then we came to a Booby. I'm used to the blue footed booby, but this one had yellow feet. Joel took photos while I maneuvered the boat and tried to keep it still, which of course was impossible in the wind and the swells. We probably spent 15 minutes here trying to get a good photo.

Farther up, we came to a rock with a group of seagulls all facing the wind. Another photo op. I paddled all around the rock so Joel could get some different angles.

We didn't want to go too far up since we knew we had to fight the wind on the way back, but of course the wind abated on the way back and we zipped home to the sailboat.

I was surprised that it was already lunch time. So we ate before taking off down the channel - pasta.

Bar Jack chasing Yellowtails
Before starting, Theo and Ursula unfurled a sail that we hadn't used before. They said it was solely for going downwind. The wind was very low, only about 8-10 knots today so it was a gentle sail. Yesterday the winds were gusty and were around 25 knots and the spray from the front was huge so we all stayed in the back. Today there was no spray at all. A very relaxing sail.

We anchored in Cinnamon Bay. And saw a turtle poking its head out of the water. In fact the whole time we were here we would see turtles poking up their heads here and there.

We donned our gear and snorkeled about. There is very little coral here. And correspondingly few fish. But we did find one patch of baby snappers - only about 4-5" long - and two huge bar jacks that were out hunting them for dinner. There was also a large sandiver, partially buried in the sand. He took off like a torpedo as soon as I got close.

I found another little fish that had dug itself a hole. It looked like it had two front leg instead of flippers and it chased all the other fish away from it home. I looked it up later and it was a goby, similar to the gobies that I see in the coral.

We showered off all the salt water and watched the sun set. Joel of course took pictures again.

Then it was dinner time and we had yellow fin tuna and mashed potatoes. My favorite was the roll. Ursula makes fresh bread and it is very good.

After dinner Joel and I went up front on the trampolines and watched the stars come out. Joel told me that he was looking for shooting stars but we saw none, just a few satellites.

Joel slept fitfully last night. The one problem with the sleeping arrangements is that it is impossible to get up without waking the other. The only way out is at the head of the bed and you can't help but notice the other person leaving. In addition in a sailboat if you use the water or the toilet, you are using pumps to pump the water and it is very noisy.

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