July 6

I slept very well through the night, but Joel insisted on waking up before it was really light out. We had to leave early but not that early.

He came back to bed for a while but noticed that the sky was turning pink. It was our first real pretty sunrise here. We have had some nice sunsets, but the sunrises were always behind an island. Now the sun was rising behind an island today too, but it was a very short island. Joel of course took photos.

We had a quick breakfast of bagels. Then Theo motored us over to Redhook. We all hugged goodbye before we left. We got to Redhook at about 6:45, plenty of time. We went to the cab stand and got a cab to the airport.

Old sailboat

The line to check in was incredibly long and the duty free liquor store was not yet opened. The only chance I had to get my rum - really good rum that I can't find in the states - was the first day in Charlotte Amalie. But I didn't want to drag it around all the time, waited to get it in the airport. Finally they opened a little before 8am so I could get it. I bought three bottles of Cruzen diamond estate rum -aged 5 years and one of a single barrel rum. The proprietor wanted to make sure that I knew it was a sipping rum and way too good to mix drinks with. I assured him that I knew that. Then it was off to customs and immigration. We went through quickly.

Our plane was 30 min late but not too bad and our connection going out of Miami was about 30 min late too. At least they are consistent!

It was a wonderful trip. We both would have loved to be there longer, but Joel has to go back to work to earn enough to pay for our next trip ;>

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