June 30

Endless school of minnows at Green Cay
Ursula was up early making pancakes for breakfast. Plus she made me some fruit to go with it. I love fruit for breakfast.

Theo brought out the maps and showed us where we were going for the next two days - all subject to what the weather turns out to be. After breakfast the sails were hoisted and we were off to Green Cay.

The middle of the channel had some large swells which were fun when I could see them coming. So I stood up and look where we were going. There are several places to sit outside on the boat. The main area is in the back with the outdoor table. If the seats had back support it would be perfect, but then the supports would get in the way of the cranks for the sails. From this spot you can not see the bow of the boat or where you are going, or what waves are about to hit you. It is a nice seat though because it keeps you out of the sun. In the same area you can stand up on the side and lean against the deck and see things - one of our favorite hangouts. Up front there is a stair used when hoisting the sails. It is perfect for two people to sit. But of course is in full sun. Also up front and in full sun are the trampolines. They are great if you want to lie down.

Green Cay
Green Cay had a couple of boats already anchored there. Theo told Joel where the best snorkeling was around the cay. We donned our gear and off we snorkeled. We went over to the right side of the island. The coral at the shallow parts was mostly dead. The best coral was right at the wall where it got deep. There were lots of beautiful purple fans and huge brain corals and some nice fish here and there. The best part was farther around where the waves started breaking on the shallow coral. There was one HUGE school of sardines or anchovies (I can't tell the difference). They were all about 2-2 1/2 inches long and glittered in the sun. And when I say a huge school I mean that we never did find the edges of it. We just kept swimming along and there were more and more of them glittering in the sun. Sometimes when they turned just right they would send off bright flashes of light. If my bronchitis weren't bothering me so much I would have loved to stay with the school for much longer. Along the edge of the school we found a smaller school of blue tangs.

After snorkeling we walked around the cay. One side of it has a single tall palm growing out of the sand which is really quite lovely. In addition someone had planted another palm and it was just a couple of feet high.

We ate a nice lunch back at the boat, of salad and hamburgers. By the time we left there were quite a few sailboats anchored off the island. I'm glad we had our peaceful time there early.

Steel Point, Tortola
Our next destination was Watermelon Cay. I read most of the way there, ignoring the waves. It might have made me a little seasick. I know that I can't read in the car or I get carsick. My stomach was a little upset, but not very bad. Maybe next time I'll save the reading for when we are anchored. (Afterwards it turns out that I wasn't seasick, I was having some trouble with the heat, but I finally got used to it.)

We debated what we should do this afternoon. Should we go for a hike? Or should we snorkel? It was sunny and hot so I decided snorkeling this afternoon and tomorrow morning we would take a hike and hopefully it would be cooler.

Sunset from Waterlemon Bay
We've snorkeled before at Waterlemon Cay and it was almost as good as last time. There were all sorts of fish and some nice coral and even a few anemones. We snorkeled around the back of the island and even though there is often current there, today there was none. I kept having trouble with my suntan lotion running down into my eyes - so had to keep taking off my mask. I should make sure to wash it off next time so I can see.

Once back at the boat we decided to play a game, Starship Catan. Joel brought a lot of games, but this is the first time we've really had a chance. We couldn't play outside since the wind was too strong. So we set up inside. At the end Joel declared that he won and then I counted up my points. It turned out that I had already won I just wasn't paying enough attention.

Then we had a nice dinner of pasta and chicken, slightly spiced. Ursula gave us way more than we could eat. So far this has been pretty typical. We are not great eaters. I think it is driving her crazy though. After dinner she brought out dessert - brownies. But of course neither of us could finish them. I think the heat is also making us not as hungry. I'm much hungrier than normal in the morning and never hungry at dinner time.

As the sun went down, Joel tried taking photos of it. Hopefully they will come out.

After it got dark I went up front and lay down on the trampolines to watch the stars come out. There were quite a few clouds so I didn't see too many stars.

Joel and I were beat so went to our cabin and read a while before sleeping.

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