Green River


Southern tip of Steamboat Rock

The Green River is a great place to be introduced to rafting. The stardard rafting trip is relatively short, only 4 days, and though there are rapids, none are particualarly dangerous. My kids had yet be on a raft trip longer than one day, so it was time.

Bighorn Sheep

Getting a permit for the Green River, however, is hard. Less than 1 in 10 applications result in a permit. But there was a group of about seven of us that were applying, so we figured we had a shot. We failed to get a permit the first year we tried, but the second year, Joel got a permit. Yeah!

Usually my mother (Judy Clark) is trip leader. She has done it for years and has it down to a science, but since it was my husband that got the permit, my mother decided that I would do the work this time. Or at least that is what she said. It turns out she can't keep from doing some of the work. I had emailed everyone asking about what cars were available and what equipment they had. Then I got an email cc'ed to me. It was almost the exact same question, but from my mom. She, too, was trying to organize the trip. Of course it was just silly for us both to do it; so, I called her and she organized the cars and life jackets and I did the rest -- with a little organizational help with how much food to bring. (In the end, we brought too much food anyway.)

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