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The pictures on this trip were taken with two different cameras. The big camera is a Minolta Dimage 7i. The Minolta has a more flexible lens (28mm - 200mm equivalent), a 5 megapixel sensor and more manual controls, so I used it whenever possible. The Minolta lives in our Pelican case, a waterproof cushioned case. But whenever it was calm, or when I was on shore, I took out the Minolta for pictures.

The other camera I used is the Canon PowerShot S400 (Elph), with a 3x zoom lens and a 4 megapixel sensor. The interesting feature of the Elph is that we have an underwater case, which makes it possible to use the Elph in rapids. During many of the rapids, I would take out the Elph and kneel in the raft, rapidly taking pictures of the other rafts in hopes of getting a good shot. Most of those pictures weren't saving, but there were a few keepers.

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Link to June 26 gallery

Green River - June 26

(Miles 243-237) Pictures from the first day of our raft trip, including the put-in, the Canyon of Ledore and Upper Disaster falls.

Link to June 27 gallery

Green River - June 27

(Miles 235-228) Pictures from the second day of our raft trip, including Pot Creek 2 Campsite, Canyon of Ledore and Limestone Campsite.

Link to June 28 gallery

Green River - June 28

(Miles 227-213) Pictures from the third day of our raft trip, including the confluence with the Yampa River, lunch at Jones Hole Creek, Whirlpool Canyon and Island Park Campsite.

Link to June 29 gallery

Green River - June 29

(Miles 213-200) Pictures from the last day of our raft trip, including Island park, Split Mountain, lunch below Inglesby Rapid and the take-out.


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