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CSCIE-12 Homework #2
(or Why Daphne Gould is Here)

In the Beginning

Once upon a time in the far off land of MIT Daphne Gould fell in love with a handsome prince. They got married and had two lovely children. She decided to stay home to watch her children grow up. She spent her time gardening behind a white picket fence and she played with her children. All was well in the world.

The Monster

The children grew older. First the oldest went to school, then the youngest. Daphne no longer heard the sing-song voices of children during the day. With the silence came an evil monster. Its name was Boredom. Daphne tried to slay this evil beast as she had done before, by being closer to her children. But alas, volunteering in the school only kept the monster at bay for a short time each day, and as the children grew older, her help was no longer needed.

The Quest

Daphne needed a better weapon to slay the evil beast. She thought long and hard and decided the perfect weapon would be learning how to program. Thus she set out on a quest to find a school to teach her programming. She did not particularly want to get another bachelor's degree, however graduate programs required a knowledge in the field from the start and her only knowledge was in chemistry and art. So she put on her red cape and packed a basket of goodies and traveled farther from her home. As she climbed over mountains she saw in the distance a village. Its name was Continuing Education. There were many shoppes there and they sold a plethora of weapons, all of which might help Daphne slay the evil beast. She looked into the window of the first shoppe. The shoppe was called the Lowell Institute and its swords looked well balanced if a tad old. Unfortunately the proprietor has a sign on the front of the building: *sold to Northeastern*. So Daphne sighed and went to the next shoppe. She looked in each shoppe she passed and none of the weapons were quite right. One was too small. One was too large. Finally at the end of the village stood a very old building. Outside stood a sign:  Harvard Shield   Daphne went inside and lo and behold she found the weapon that was just right. The weapon was called Certificate in Applied Sciences in Software Engineering.

The Trials

Now Harvard doesn't just hand out such weapons to anyone. You have to prove your worth to them first. They require that you excel in eight different trials before they will give you such a weapon. Daphne chose the following trials of which she did two each semester.

  1. Introduction to Computer Science Using C++

    This trial and Applied Statistics were the first of her two trials. Though the trial proved easy in the end, she had much difficulty to start with. It had been many years since she had been in a class and her skills were rusty. In the end she learned to write: if(fairytale){HappyEnding();}.

  2. Applied Statistics

    In this trial she learned about multiple regression, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing. She learned this so well she started dreaming: y = B0 + B1x1 + B2x2 + B3x12 + B4 x22 + B5x1x 2 + ...... Despite her soft bed, she would awake because the variables were too hard to sleep on.

  3. Data Structures Using C++ and Java

    In this trail she learned the following things:

    • Recursion: Where your children ask you to start reading the story again from the start even if you haven't gotten all the way to the end.
    • Linked Lists: A book with many short fairy tales, one coming right after the other.
    • Queues: Where the mother gets to read each book one at a time in the order it was bought.
    • Stacks: Large piles of books where only the top one is ever read.
    • Trees: When reading one fairy tale it reminds the child of a couple of other tales that must be read before going to sleep.
    • Searching: When the child can not find a book, the mother must find it for them.
    • Sorting: When the mother still can not find the book and the mother must sort all the books by title before it can be found.
    • Graphs: When the children make little roads out of the books and follow the roads by stepping on them. The mother must then yell at the children.

  4. Programming Microsoft Windows Using the MFC

    David Platt was the instructor for this trial, the first instructor our hero had that was not an official Harvard instructor. He was also the hardest taskmaster of them all. He made his students delve into the mysteries of Microsoft Foundation Classes and those that survived his trial became champions and those that did not ... well they are never heard from again.

  5. Advanced Programming of Microsoft Windows Using COM

    Daphne thought long and hard about taking a trial once again from the infamous Platt, but she knew he was the best teacher she had had. They used his book The Essence of COM with ActiveX by David Platt. In the end the trial was not nearly as hard as his previous trial. Along with the regular homework, he only required a final project that took an average of 150 hours to complete.

  6. Practical User Interface Design

    In this class we learned how to make everything look beautiful, how to pick out the perfect font, spacing, and color, how to use metaphors and to understand our user.

  7. Introduction to Website Development

    In this trial Daphne is furiously typing: Trial in progress...

  8. Introduction to Database Systems and Client/Server Computing

    In this trial Daphne lists all her trials that have come and are currently in progress (as is this one) and all their attributes.

The Ending

Since Daphne has not yet completed her last two trials, we can not know how the lady will fare. Will she complete her last trials before being overcome by the beast? Will the weapon indeed slay the beast as she suspects? Will her children eat all the cookies in the house before she can get one herself? Stay tuned to daphne@alum.mit.edu to find out.

Read her story again ...

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