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This is my page for my RPG. Here I will talk about the program I wrote and you can download it.

There are still some bugs in the current version of the program. For some reason when creating the second player, it will put the second player in the first player's button and label. This shouldn't matter because there is currently no need for the second person. This is used for character vs. character in the arena which will be in the first town. I will hopefully fix all the bugs later.

The current version lets you save, load, create a character, and give a character exp. I will warn you now, the next version will not have compatible saves with this version (but it will save by name and let you have as many saves as you want). Hopefully the next version will also have an actual game, or at least a town where you can do things.

If you want to use your own images, add a 150 x 300 pxl image to the image folder within whatever folder you put the RPG in. The image can be in gif or jpg format, using the three letter lowercase form of the extention only. The images can actually be any size, but it will screw up the appearance of the game if it is not at least close to the image size I have chosen for images to be.

If you don't like the black backround, just close out of it. Only closing the main window will quit the game, the backround is just there to separate the game from other programs in the backround.

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