Statue in the woods

Well last year my side of the family had a family reunion in Hawaii. This year it was Joel's side of the family. But where to go? Donna was thinking London, but she didn't want to go in the summer.
Mayan Temple
I didn't want to visit London in the winter. Brr. For winter either skiing or warmth sounded good to me, but Ben would not appreciate a ski vacation, so I suggested warmth. Donna and Karen worked hard to find a villa that would fit all 13 of us. They finally found one in Puerto Adventuras, Mexico.

The villa would be rented from Saturday to Saturday, but our family had to leave on Wednesday so the kids could get back to school. I told both of them that they could take a couple of days off of school, but they wouldn't. So we decided to come a couple of days early and spend a little time in Cancun.

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