July 27

Though I had been up early almost every day and seen the sunset, I had yet to get a photo. So this morning I finally got the camera and took some pictures. The sunrise from our condo is beautiful. It starts every morning at about 6:00 am and goes to about 6:20 am.

We didn't do much this morning; mostly we goofed off and read. I wanted to go for a walk around 8 or so but no one wanted to come with me so I went alone. I walked down the main street. Most of the stores were closed. Only the coffee shops and restaurants were open. I bought a bagel at one coffee shop for Beth. She had wanted bagels for breakfast for a while. Then I crossed the street and came back. The Farmer's market was open so I went in and got some pineapple - it was delicious as most pineapple on this island is. Behind the market was a small little donut shop. They made mini-donuts to order so they were fresh. I thought my family would like it, so didn't order any then.

Ben, Beth and Heather
And indeed when I got back my family was quite happy to walk down for some donuts and Damon's family followed along. We all decided we wanted one of their little donut machines. It would be fun to have one for a brunch. You just put the dough in at the top and it makes little donuts, plopping them down into hot oil. They are pushed down the line and flipped over after a while (all done by machine) then they fall into the powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar. It wasn't that the donuts were so good, but when they are fresh it makes them ten times better.

Afterwards we went to the swimming pool to let the kids swim. I read my book and talked a bit. After about an hour and a half we figured the kids had had enough sun and got them out of the pool and cleaned up.

Judy, Damon, Lori and Daphne
After a little lunch we went to the Kukui Grove mall for fudge. You don't get the fudge in a candy store; you get it in the store that sells homemade Kauai goods. Not only did it have fudge it had baskets just like the one my mother bought at the Coconut Marketplace. In fact I liked them better than the ones we saw there, so I got my basket after all.

As you can see we didn't have much of importance scheduled for today. When we got back to the condo the kids played at the beach in the waves and in the sand. The adults brought down some chairs to gab in the shade.

Harold and Kay had told us that there are hula dancers at the Coconut Market place everyday at 5pm. We decided that this was a good lazy day to head over. The hula show was one hula dancer (when Harold and Kay went there were more). But it was a fun diversion to watch. Then we bought pizza there to take back to the condo.

Dad can't eat pizza, so he decided to go out to eat. He said it was the worst food ever. We are quite happy to have had pizza.

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