July 21

Judy and Bill
Today we go to Kauai. Not everyone is coming, 10 Kravers are heading home instead. But the whole Clark clan will be there (including my mom and dad and Damon and Lori and their kids). In addition Harold and Kay will be there. Kevin and Amber will be there for just today and tomorrow before they have to leave.

This morning we called Aloha Air to confirm our flights and found out our flight no longer existed. They had stuck us on later flights instead. Yuck. Instead of leaving at 11:00am we left at 1:50pm. Thereby breaking up the day totally. Well no one really appreciated this but we had no choice. We lounged around the condo and packed until about 10:45am then checked out.

We went to Quinn's to pick up lunch. We were a little early and Quinn's wasn't open yet, so we went down to Ocean View and got some shave ice. The passion fruit is the best. Then back to Quinn's to get some fish sandwiches. And on to the airport to wait. We ate the sandwiches at the airport. Then waited . . . and waited. Aloha Air doesn't do assigned seating so it is a real pain. You have to wait in line.
Bobbie and Ted
All the flights are full so if you don't get near the front the whole family gets broken up. But we were there way in advance. The plane was about 45 min late. In addition when we got the Kauai our luggage was not on the plane. We found out they have a very lax attitude to getting the right luggage on the right plane. They have so many flights going between the islands they just get it on a plane going in the right direction. The rest of our luggage showed up on the next plane that landed from Kona. It is definitely the shoddiest run airline I've ever been on. The only thing they are at all worried about is getting as many people from one island to another with the least possible effort. They don't care much at all about the comfort of the people on their planes.

But we made it. Mom and Dad had an earlier flight. They had already gotten the car and checked into the condo. Thanks Mom and Dad. Damon was still waiting for his condo to be ready and Harold and Kay were still waiting for theirs too. The waits for the condo were running about an hour or so.

I made reservations for Kintaro Restaurant. It was a tappan yaki (where they prepare the meal in front of you) and sushi place. Our group of 15 just fit around the grill, so we could all eat together. Beth had wanted sushi for a long time so she finally got it. Ben wanted more Ono and they did Ono on the grill so he got that. The food there was absolutely wonderful. Nothing here was bad or even marginal and they had the best miso soup that I have ever had. This was our favorite restaurant for the whole time we were here.

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