July 20

Cassandra and Heather
Today Joel took Ben to White Sands Beach to play in the waves again. The gals went shopping.

My mom wanted to buy another tiki. I just wanted to go shopping. So we went to the middle of Kona and went down Ali'i Drive. I picked up two pareos. Beth one pareo, a dress, some coral jewelry and a statue of a dragon - she made out! Then we got to the farmers market. Mom found a nice tiki there for only $200. I liked the little $30 one of Lono for my garden. We decided we would buy them on the way back to the car. Mom's choice was a little heavy. But buying Hawaiian gods is never easy for my mother. She had trouble when we were in Honomu, and now we had even more trouble. When we went back to buy them, the stall owners were not there. We asked around and found out they had gone out to lunch. So I went to get the car and Mom waited here.
Harold and Kay
Luckily they had just gotten back by the time I got there. But that wasn't her only problem with the tiki. After we picked up Joel and had some lunch we needed mail it home. But the gal we got helping us was a trainee and it took her forever. Then after it was all done, they tell Mom that it can't be insured. You have to ship it another way if you want it insured. Well Mom was not willing to wait another 45 min to get it redone so she is just crossing her fingers that it gets there.

Our next errand was to pick fish for our barbeque. We went to Marina Seafoods, just up the coast at the marina (go figure). The fishing boats come in at 11am and 3pm and we got there just around 4pm. Joel asked them if the Ono was fresh and they said less than an hour old. I guess you can't beat that for fresh fish. I put it in the cooler so it wouldn't have to sit in the hot car for anytime.

Then it was back down the road to the Mac Pie factory for a large macadamia nut pie. I wanted to taste this island treat and I figured the rest of the family could try it too.

Back at the condo, we took over a whole bunch of tables at the barbeque area at the condo, and a couple of the grills. We were having a barbeque with the whole family. I grilled the Ono and it was fabulous as was the pie. YUM. Harold had gotten everyone t-shirts that had our family tree on the back. We all wore them to the barbeque. We started taking photos of the couples and smaller families, hoping that Kevin and Amber would get back in time. The sun was setting and they still hadn't shown up yet. We decided to meet back here at 8am so we could get a group photo with everyone in it.

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