July 14

Getting ready for a long trip is always a pain. Yesterday I spent all day on my feet making sure we had all our last minute gear. We found everything except my water shoes. I'm sure we will find some on Hawaii or I'll just make due.

We had the most talkative cab driver. He talked on and on about his life. He told us he was 1/4 Sioux Indian.
And elaborated on how impossible it was to get a job in South Dakota if you had any native american blood at all in you. Then he expounded on the matriarchal society of the Sioux. Despite his loquatiousness, he got us to the airport in just 30 min.

Our flight out to LA was uneventful. We had a two hour layover there, which turned into a four hour layover. They had to replace a hydrolic switch. To try to appease us they gave us meal vouchers and 25 dollar discounts on our next flight.

We tried to sleep on the way over. Joel and Ben were successful, but Beth and I just rested and closed our eyes. I love to see views of islands by air, but we got in at 10pm, so there was no view.

Dad met us at the airport with our minivan and we got to the condo at Sea Village and crashed.

We are sharing the condo with my Mom and Dad. They took the main room with the wall bed. Beth and Ben have a room with two twin beds and Joel and I have the "master suite" with a queen sized bed and a bathroom. My mother was not impressed with our room, she said the condo they stayed at in Maui was much nicer. It was also on the 11th floor and much cooler and less humid. There is no air conditioning and my Dad had some trouble sleeping in the heat. Joel and I thought the tempatures were fine and thought the condo was quite adequate for the week, but then we had nothing to compare it to.

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