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We have a total of 328 different pictures which can be accessed through this website. For easy access, we have made a thumbnail for each picture and a series of thumbnail index pages. Besides the thumbnail, you can view the picture in one of two sizes -- the smaller of the two sizes has been scaled for convient viewing using standard screen resolutions. The larger of the two sizes is the raw image, too large for viewing on most screens, but suitable for printing. The download size of each photo is in parenthesis below the thumbnail. The pictures are organized by date and location.

All the pictures were taken with our Kodak DC260 digital camera. During the trip, we used four 48MB compact flash cards (92 images each) plus a couple of smaller cards and then transfered the images to a computer when we returned to Boston. The image index and thumbnail pages were produced automatically using a Python script. The underwater photos were taken by putting the camera in a Aquapac, which is basically just a plastic bag. Most of the underwater photos did not come out (and were deleted), but the best three are included here.

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