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Cactus in a pot
This was A-ha month at Canyon Ranch. They described it as, "the ultimate emotional connection to well-being, the ability to view life through new eyes, transform possiblities into reality and find true empowerment." Most of the A-ha moments people talked about were when they found they had gradually let themselves go and had a moment where they knew they had to change. Then they had started back on the road to health. My problem is not letting my health go. I'm an active person and eat relatively well (most of the time :>). But I tend to over do things.

This was fine when I was young. Overdoing just meant I would have a sore foot, knee or hip for a short time then I could get back to over doing. But in my 30s I went too far. I decided to get nationally ranked in orienteering. I trained for it, but not quite well enough. I suceeded in my goal, but I damaged my knee in the process. I figured it would go away like such problems had always gone away in the past. Six months later I was in physical therapy. It has been about 8 or 9 years and I'm still working on it.

I've learned that just doing isn't enough. You have to have balance. When I was a white belt I had to learn a creed to get to orange belt. In the first part it says, "Accept challenges with a warrior spirit" which doesn't seem all that hard to me. But it ends with, "And always strive for improvement in my pursuit of balance." Hmm I still have to work on that part.

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