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Hiking in the Fells
Our family loves to hike . . . well maybe not Ben but he puts up with it. Winchester has two large places to hike in. Though most of the hiking areas are not actually in Winchester but the surrounding towns.

Middlesex Fells This is one of our favorite places to hike since it is so large (over 3000 acres). And it has just about everything. Route 93 north of Boston bisects the trail and we tend to stay to the western side (Winchester, Medford and Stoneham). The kids love climbing Wrights Tower on Pine Hill, which has a beautiful view of Boston if a bit too much broken glass on the ground. I like the fells farther from the beer drinking spots. A walk around the Resevoir Trail (orange blazed) is a little over 5 miles and quite pleasent. The Skyline Trail (white blazed) is more strenuous. It is just under 7 miles and hits all the hills and overlooks and loops around the resevoirs.

Whipple HillMost of this small conservation area is located in Lexington (about 120 acres) though a small part called Locke Farm (10 acres) is in Winchester. The kids love this hike since there is a small farm (?) that has some llamas. They have three different llamas that we have noticed: two dark ones and a larger white one. The kids always want to stop there to see which ones are out in the yard.

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