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Our Dogs
by Daphne

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Well it is a sad day when your dog dies. Rafter is no longer with us. He had a strange name because of when he was bought. We got him the day after we got back from my second rafting trip down the Grand Canyon. We had just closed on our first house. The furniture had not even been delivered. But, hey, a dog is important and we now had the space for one. He was the most adorable little puppy, a mutt, half lab, half border collie. He piddled on me on the way home and then threw up on me. But he was a puppy, how can't you love a puppy?

Kayla with her crooked nose
As he grew up he became a handsome dog, way too bright for his own good and prone to escaping then romping around the neighborhood before coming back. He lived a long time, turning 14 in May 2000. But on June 24th he was out of his pain and we will always remember him.

There is an old adage that you can't buy love. Well for just under $80 at the New England Animal Shelter we bought a bundle of love. Kayla was a mutt, whose mother was a mutt, but from the looks of her she is part lab, part shepard. Well she started growing up and made us spend more for her love. As a puppy she would eat anything in sight, at least when we were gone. Expensive computer disks, the walls, books, shoes, anything she could get her teeth on. She had very bad separation anxiety, despite always being left with Rafter. Well with a little help from the vet and a lot of waiting for her to grow up some more, she is much better, only chewing on things occasionally and usually not leaving any teeth marks. She is still a very loving dog whose greatest desire in life is to curl up at your feet and lick any exposed skin you might have. Now if we can just train her to stop jumping up and licking our guests' noses.

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